Part 1: A Unique Rookie, Charles Jenkins






Rare Build


"Due to physicality, spends a lot of time at the free throw line (6.7 FTA per game)" 

"Crafty ball-control combined with overwhelming strength makes him hard to keep out of the lane... Finds unique ways to finish at the rim." -


At 220 lbs, carrying only 4% body fat, the 6'3" rookie is truly unique at the point guard position, and one of the most solid specimens in the draft. He holds an advantage at his position similar to Corey Maggette's; a rare combination of balance, power, and speed. 

Maggette is a nightmare to defend. He is too powerful for shooting guards on and off the ball, and too quick for most SF's to contain as well.

Charles Jenkins poses a similar problem to point guards. Few are strong enough to misdirect his drives to the rim. Aside from Deron Williams and Baron Davis, I can't think of anyone who shares his kind of size/power. He is too shifty with the ball for bigger wing players, and he's likely to overpower most point guards. Although C.J. Watson is extremely lighter, he and Jenkins scored comparatively on the agility and speed test at the combine. 

Ht: 6'3 1/4   Wt: 216   Wingspan: 6'8   Max Vert: 34 inches    Bench press: 16     3/4 sprint: 3.18    Agility: 11.68

                                                                                         C.J. Watson     3/4 sprint 3.15     Agility: 11.61 

(Remember how fast Watson could be in the open court? Charles is a player who's just as fast, +40 lbs. of power, with a game that's designed for attacking the rim.)


Open court assassin

Aside from his train-like build, Jenkins is incredible at getting to the rim with either hand. According to Synergy Data, Jenkins had a national best, 1.3261 on left-hand drives, which he did 59% of the time, despite being right-handed. 

"Very aggressive in transition, never shying away from contact." - 

"Suffice it to say, Jenkins does not shy away from contact and is able to finish in traffic with the best of them." - Rush the court



It's clear that every team needs a potent scoring threat off the bench. An efficient back up will not only maintain the punch of your 2nd team's offense, but also improves the defense by cutting down on missed FG's. Coming from a small school like Hofstra, it's conceivable how Jenkin's elite productivity went overlooked. 

"According to data from Synergy Sports Technology, Jenkins ranks as the second most efficient isolation threat in the NCAA (afterAndrew Goudelock), scoring on over 50% of his attempts when going one on one (minimum 50 possessions). He also ranks in the top-10 in pick and roll situations and in the top-25 as a catch and shoot threat."

"Jenkins is shooting a blistering 64.8% from inside of the arc while displaying a versatile scoring arsenal. (January)"

"He is an elite scorer from beyond the arc where he is currently shooting 43.8% on 3.2 attempts per game"

"Jenkins shows consistent mechanics, a quick release, and terrific touch, which suggests that he will continue to be successful at the next level."

"While players like Fredette, Walker, Providence starMarshon Brooksand even Charleston'sAndrew Goudelockare attempting in the realm of 18 to 19 shots per game, the Hofstra senior has managed his eye popping scoring numbers on just 14.5 attempts."

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Reggie Williams, and Charles Jenkins - those are a group of very young guards who are disciplined and educated on the offensive end. All of them pass the ball. 



"In 128 career games, he reached double figures 122 times"  -

We need our bench production to not only be efficient, but significant enough to be a factor on a consistent basis. You need strong-willed, level-headed guys to come in and meet expectations. 


True Point Guard Ability

"His ability to distribute the ball should not be overlooked, as he averaged just shy of five dimes a game and boasted a 2.16 assist to turnover ratio. Jenkins is the prototypical "instant offense" kind of player that simply knows how to put the ball in the hole."

Jenkins is drawing many comparisons to players like New Orleans' guard, Marcus Thornton. By all accounts in the hoops world, Charles is considered to possess a rare combination of basketball knowledge and learned discipline, as Hofstra Pride's dominant ball-handler.

For being so ball dominant, so relied upon to produce offense, it's a wonder how he didn't turn the ball over more being a "scorer." Here's what Jenkins had to say about his ability to be a point guard on the next level:


""I have a lot of different sides of my game that people haven't seen," says Jenkins. "My scoring has opened a lot of eyes for people who didn't know I was capable of these things. It's a way for me to get my foot in the door and once there, a lot of other parts of my games will be exposed."

"I'm a great passer which a lot of people don't really know. People see my scoring numbers and that's really all they see, but I'm smart enough to know the ways I'm going to score there."


"Jenkins ranked 4th in the nation in scoring at 23.5 points, but his nearly five assists per game leads the CAA, making him one of two players at the Division 1 level to lead his conference in both categories."


Icy Nerves

"63.4 percent of his catch-and-shoot opportunities came with a man in his face -- yet showed an ability to make tough jumpers. His efficiency on guarded shots off the catch was 1.3898 PPP, which ranked 15th nationally among players with at least 50 such possessions." -SI 

Check this out:

Here are a pair of game-tying and game-winning shots Jenkins scored earlier this year, in a tightly competitive bout vs. William & Mary. He also made the key stop in overtime just before his 2nd buzzer-beater. He will fit right in before the Oracle crowd. 



"He really is what college athletics is all about...he's just an unbelievable kid." - Hofstra Head Coach, Mo Cassara

Charles says that his first NBA paycheck will be put away for his niece as a college fund. 

"That's typical Charles," said Fordham coach Tom Pecora, who recruited Jenkins to Hofstra and coached him for three years. "He's saying, 'How can I help my parents? How can I help my niece?' That's rare for a 22-year-old person to think that way."

Indeed. Jenkins is the kind of guy you want to have your back. He's a great teammate, he's smart, he's talented, he's reliable, and he's mature enough to know that the team always comes first. Like his coach said, "He's really what college athletics is all about."







Stephen Curry - Similar to the way Ellis played off a big guard in Baron Davis, so can Curry do with Jenkins. I'm anxious to see what Curry can do against certain teams if he slides over to the 2. If Jenkins' IQ and ability allow him to play the point guard effectively at this level, then it could work.

Imagine an offensive scheme with weaving high-low screens and Curry putting that masterful footwork to the test against bigger, slower opponents. Jenkins, with his strength and control, should be able to seek certain angles on the court where he can pinpoint Curry. With a deep understanding of the game, this could prove to be an effective strategy on some given nights. 

Reggie Williams - Both of these guys are extremely efficient and unselfish. Not only do they both have solid size at their position, but our offensive potency from the bench will be outstanding with this backcourt. Both of them are extremely humble and talented. Not only will they be a great tandem for the Warriors off the bench, but I expect they'll become good friends, as well. Both are very respectful men. 

Klay Thompson -  Jenkin's ability to get to the rim will be a weapon of paramount effect with a worker off the ball, and pure shooter in Klay Thompson. Contrary to many opinions, Klay is very good at creating his own shot and making plays for others. He will be able to recognize a player like Charles setting up in the corner, and Klay has the skills to draw the defense and execute the pass. Both rookies are extremely intelligent. I expect a growing chemistry to brew between Klay and Charles during the off-season and heading into training camp (assuming no lock-out). 

Monta Ellis - There is much uncertainty involving the possibility of Ellis and Jenkins ever suiting up together as Warriors. I belong to the school who believes that Monta will be dealt some time after the players and owners reach an agreement. 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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