Warriors current rotation?

After the draft, our only basketball bay area team has added 3 new, exciting, and potentially incredible players to the already INCREDIBLE roster (Thompson, Jenkins, and Tyler)-->yes, i am being VERY optimistic.

Our starting rotation as of now, is most likely:

curry---ellis---d. wright---d.lee---udoh

Since this is my first fan post, i've always wanted to say this : MORE AFTER THE JUMP!!!


The only questions about our starting 5 is  (1) if ellis gets traded, (2) if biedrins starts instead of udoh, and (3) if D. Lee plays the 5...

Assuming we resign almost all our major players, we should have the following capable backups to lend a hand, and before i continue, i am excluding Acie Law and radmanovic, :

jenkins/LIN---thompson/R. WILLIAMS---thornton/WILLIAMS---J.Tyler/AMUNDSON/jeff adrien---Biedrins/TYLER

that looks pretty good to me, especially if we add a couple lockdown defenders (Tony Allen?) and WHEN we add a couple other players via trade, free agency, D-League, undrafted rookies (Ben Hansborough, anyone) etc...

I actually think, if we need a scoring burst while going small, we could take Ekpe out and use Lee at the 5 and add thompson at the 3, therefore moving dorell to power forward...

If we look for a prototypical "backup 5", it would depend on who Mark Jackson think can handle it better, Lin or new draftee Charles Jenkins, then Klay, thornton, tyler and biedrins who i believe can be solid in a  backup role...This would then leave Reggie Williams, LAST YEAR's 6th man, as a non prominent figure of the rotation.

Obviously, much of this will have changed at the beginning of the season after acquiring and dumping players.  I believe everything that i have written basicaly depends of IF we resign Al Thornton, if not, it could change a lot.

I believe this is a 7-8 seed team, and after 1-2 midseason trades, maybe even 5-6 seed and advancing into 2nd round!!!  You have to believe curry will raise assists + points, monta will continue his torrid scoring, wright will develop his all around game, and D Lee will bounce back!

WE BELIEVE (is that kinda getting old....?), that the warriors will make the playoffs!!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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