Why Jackson will have success + Mully back on the bench?

"Luck is the residue of design." - John Milton


    A young Joe Lacob walked up the isles of Anaheim Stadium with a cracking voice and peanuts. The pop of the bat and the explosion of the crowd caused him to look over his shoulder down at the field, once again ensuing a familiar daydream of gladiatorial architecture. Before you roll your eyes and dismiss such pitiful enthusiasm, know this: Joe Lacob is accustomed to winning.

It could be argued that "His Airness" and even "The Sheen", though grotesquely dissimilar, both possessed undeniably alluring traits from day one. Jordan's remarkable talent and natural competitiveness made him king of the court - Charlie had the Hollywood background and devil-may-care, time bomb act that's always prone to generate attention and millions of dollars from the chumps who care enough to look. What did Lacob have to sell?

How does an extremely ordinary looking man with the personality of one who might apologize up and down for stepping on your shoe, constitute the kind of exaggerated momentum that would inevitably torpedo him out of the peanut stand, and into a frightening land of bloodthirsty giants known as the world of venture capitalism?



The world is flat. Nobody can eat 50 eggs. The Warriors will never be a championship team, again.

Look, we can be 99.9% percent positive that anybody reading this has not experienced the scale of success of Joe Lacob. Who cares, right? Well, if one lieutenant leads his platoon to get cut down by the machine guns while the other leapfrogs the foxholes to victory, where would your allegiance lie the next go-around? The man has instinct. He's overcome ridiculous odds to be in this position, and to me, that's a very encouraging thought, all future endeavors concerned.


METHOD TO THE MADNESS? Why Mark Jackson could be a good hire


Personality impact

Why do people bring up Mark Jackson's ordained ministry? Why is that relevant at all?

People go to church for answers. They seek remedies for just about every tangible avenue of daily anxiety imaginable. It takes a natural leader to genuinely inspire and instill some sort of relief and strength to those who are in desperation. Matters of faith aside, the profession demands popularity, people skills if you will - not something every good NBA coach has been endowed with, eh? But look again at all the coaching greats - you'll find something about their personality dynamics circled in red ink somewhere near the top of that tall list of desirable attributes.

Fitting in

Forgive me for the Forrest Gump reference, but life is like a good game of basketball. If you manage to fly above it, you need someone trustworthy to pull you back and encourage your focus. If you're fighting to stay alive, you need someone to sock you in the chest and spit at you through their teeth while their screaming in your face, stirring up that mad dog in you. Jackson can do that. When you're talking about "building a young team", that kind of flammable vitality and stone calm is called for in full trumpet.

Lack of experience

This is something that is rubbing the majority of fans in a very inappropriate way. Why would the brass hire someone with no experience in any coaching capacity? On the other hand, there's a simple answer to that: He's been playing. When your career with the ball starts to round off towards it's second decade, and your currently 47, it's not like you've had much of your life to pursue coaching like many others on the bench have. How many years has Mark actually been away from the game? How much has he learned being who he was on the court, and who he's played under, as opposed to the other candidates considered during that same allotted time? Is the view better understood from the second seat over and occasionally the first, or from the hardwood?


"Who are you, again?" I wonder how many times this went through Curry's mind when he and Keith Smart were at odds concerning a play, on the sideline during a timeout. Smart is a great guy. He kept the team together and focused on playing the game. Jackson can maintain that element while demanding respect through what he's accomplished on the court. Every player respects those accolades and admires them. Few teams can afford the same luxury of having a coach and mentor instructing their youngest player.


In the NBA, if done correctly, it seems to generally take a team 3 years to turn a 180. Now, considering all things go as Lacob planned, once the young Warriors become the learned, veteran Warriors, contract time will be up, Jerry West and company would have had time to build the roster, and further reconstructing can be done. Jackson may not be the coach to get us over the big hump and into the promised land, but he can lay the groundwork and get the youngsters to play defense, establish a culture. If we can make the playoffs a couple years a in a row, our franchise suddenly becomes much sexier to the elite super coaches. We're no longer the ugly duckling, Steph Curry will be in his prime, and our team will have hopefully gained a favorable reputation. Then should be the time for the big leap from playoff team to championship contender.

Playoffs? YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS??!!?..........I know, it's all premature. But if we trade Ellis for A.I., sign a Jordan or Nene, and draft a player (Singleton, Burks, Boyombo), the conversation would probably be one of the hot topics in the NBA, truly.




Aside: Chris Mullin vs. Robert Rowell

If Joe wants to sucker punch the politics in the nostalgic nards(!), and begin a following of fans who assign their first born the middle name "Lacob", he should hire Chris Mullin as a chief athletic trainer. Give him some kind of duty where he can work with the players on the court and attend games on or behind the bench. Second move: Fire RR. I don't know how spectacular or mediocre Rowell is at what he does. Does it matter?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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