Rookie Potential Ceilings (HOMERS ONLY) ( :




Where will these guys be during this season when it resumes?

Where will they be in 3 years?

Who will be the boldest?

       Just to make clear, this sorta fun for alot of ppl on GSOM  isn'treally fun and it only ads to a long list of hopes and disappointments.  Me however, this  is half the fun of the sport and it wont bother me to dream. Hey blame it on the lockout not me.

      I think Thompson is going to become one of the best  pure shooting  SG  in the league by his second year and be a DEADLY threat paired up with Curry offensively.  On the defensive side i think he will struggle a bit but through training and a good team defensive philosophy he will achieve the level of decent! He's got the length and height and if he gains ten pounds and works on lateral explosiveness he will be in good shape to be decent/average defender. I see him having above average handles and passing and bball IQ.

     Tyler....  Dude could start beasting this year!  Im just waiting to see flashes and glimces of what we can expect to see more of in his future stellar career.  He will become our Tim Duncan for the next 10 years.  He will be our most valuable player alongside Curry. We will win championships with him anchoring our 5 spot. His shooting will be a surprize as he spreads the floor and will gain this impecable cohesion with Curry Thompson Wright and Lee.. Even Udoh at the 4 with him subbing in for Lee will be a solid frontcourt. He will be dunking on ppl left and right. Rebound at a high rate  best case scenario he is a solid defender who averages 18 and 14 a game on 35 minutes. He is going to grow another inch and stay about the same wieght (260?) but, he will shed his baby fat and replace that with muscle.. He will be a tad of a whiner here and there but his passion will be high and he wont be a locker room negative.. I think he has the best chance of dominating out of our 3 rookies..

    Jenkins ---  what can i say?  He will immediately be felt and noticed when he steps on the court and suddenly our backup point guard looks really beefy compared to Curry.. Defensively a lil harder nosed and bigger than Curry. Offensively not as potent but nearly as efficient as Curry and he will be a team player who gets his assists.. It may come to the point that he winds up getting traded because he is too good to sit on the bench and we will fill a huge hole somewhere else on our roster with him..  I would rather have him cuz if he pans out the way i think he can our PG position is SETTLED!  Settled for the next ten years!!!  Oh how nice.. (cracks duff beer) This guy is a non head case and has toughness and maturity..Good locker room and bench presence. He will be one reason why our bench scoring and production will be awesome.  His level will be like poor mans Billups...  

We scored HUGE in this draft  and all 3 of these guys can be great! Its really tough to gauge who will be the best down the road..  I think Tyler has allstar potential and Thompson and Jenkins will be solid starters or excellent bench/ rotation  players. 

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