First Half: Season Predictions

Assuming this season includes all 82 games:

v. Lakers: Monta lights Kobe up for 50 points; Warriors by 5
v. Kings: Our backcourt destroys the opposing backcourt; Warriors by 13
@ Nuggets: Back-to-back in Denver tradition continues; Nuggets by 11
v. Spurs: Dubs play excellent basketball, but lose in OT; Spurs by 4
v. Pistons: Warriors continue excellent play; Warriors by 14
@ Hornets: Paul goes all out on Steph; Hornets by 9
@ Rockets: Kevin Martin goes to the line 20 times; Rockets by 10
@ Mavericks: Dirk shows why he was the 2011 Finals MVP; Mavs by 16
v. 76ers: Monta shows us why we didn't trade him for Iggy; Warriors by 18
v. Wizards: John Wall plays beast, but Steph plays beast-ier; Warriors by 15
@ Celtics: Garnett turns back the clock and demolishes David Lee; Celtics by 19
@ Nets: Easy game for the dubs; Warriors by 17
@ Timberwolves: Welcome back Don Nelson? Who cares; Warriors by 16
v. Hornets: Steph gets revenge; Warriors by 3
v. Jazz: Warriors go for their 4th straight; Warriors by 12
v. Bobcats: Corey Maggette scores >5 points; Warriors by 10
v. Thunder: Dorell Wright holds Durant to only 12 points; Warriors by 5
v. Timberwolves: Warriors finish the homestand in fashion; Warriors by 17
@ Kings: Warriors steal another one from Sacramento; Warriors by 2
@Suns: Channing Frye stops the Warriors win streak at 8; Suns by 13
v. Raptors: Warriors with the biggest blowout of their season so far; Warriors by 24
v. Spurs: Warriors comeback from a 14 point deficit; Warriors by 5
@ Jazz: Warriors show skills on the road; Warriors by 9
@ Hornets: So close, but no cigar; Hornets by 2
@ Bobcats: Another easy win; Warriors by 14
@ Heat: Dorell lights LeBron for 29 points, still lose; Heat by 10
@ Magic: Dwight with a triple double (25 pts, 12 rebs, 10 blocks); Magic by 15
@ Hawks: Close game; Hawks by 7
v. Bulls: Defensive plan against Rose is successful again; Warriors by 14
v. Knicks: A lot of offense, non-existent defense; Warriors by 1
v. Nuggets: Nene misses a 3 to win the game; Warriors by 2
@ Nuggets: First game of 2012, ends in a loss; Nuggets by 6
@ Spurs: Woes at San Antonio continues; Spurs by 22
@ Lakers: Pau and Bynum squash the dubs; Lakers by 24
v. Cavaliers: Warriors hold Baron to 0 pts; Warriors by 21
v. Heat: Miami's big 3 combine for 66 pts, 31 rebs, and 18 assts; Heat by 8
v. Orlando: The three-point shootout happens a month early; Warriors by 3 in OT
@ Bulls: Warriors play hard, still lose; Bulls by 12
@ Pistons: Warriors show that they can be clutch on the road; Warriors by 1
@ Cavaliers: Warriors win back-to-back on the road; Warriors by 9
@ Bucks: Brandon Jennings doesn't score 55, Dubs still lose; Bucks by 10

Warriors Record After 41 games: 24 - 17
                                    road  games: 7 - 15
                                   home games: 17 - 2

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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