A bad taste in my mouth....

...insert dirty comment here.

But all jokes aside, I've been seeing a lot of comments lately around a rebuild movement. Trading Steph, Monta or a combination of both of them for draft picks, tanking this year and trying to get in the top 7 to keep our own.

What just occurred to me this morning is that I've missed the past two Warriors games, haven't even watched them on DVR. Now, some of you might read this and think, what's the big deal? Well, I don't think I've missed two games in my entire life. I at least do the honor of skimming through the games on DVR.

There is just a really bad taste in my mouth regarding this team currently. I think part of it has to do with the greediness of the owners/players and the shortened season, all the promises, all the hoopla around our front office saying how we're going to be a playoff team this season, all of the excitement around our young star Curry who can't seem to play 3 games in row anymore without rolling his own ankle.

The general feel that I have is that we're just not a good team, and not getting any better staying put with what we have.

Go to the jump to see what I think we should do.....

Blow it up!

All of these posts I've been reading make a lot of sense.....

lilboots -

GSWarriors1818 -

These are the steps I feel are necessary to turn this team around:

1. Keep the front office and coaching staff intact -

Pro's - Despite the grumblings, I am a really big fan of this ownership. They make it clear that winning is their top priority. Cohan's top priority was money. They have put together a high powered, highly regarded staff. This is the first step. They're not scared to make bold moves and not scared to spend money. Steps 2 and 3. Now lets just hope the moves they make are the right ones and they can lure some good FA's, even if just one or two over the next five years.

Con's - That Amnesty on Bell has caused a lot of doubt, deservedly so. Joe Lacob is a very outspoken, aggressive and passionate owner.....maybe to a fault. In the end, I think this will be more of a pro than a con. That's why the biggest thing he needs to learn is to be patient. I think they have a good foundation moving forward and the only thing that will hurt them is making emotional, rash decisions (i.e. the amnestying of Bell and going after Jordan with the knowledge that he would probably resign with LAC after signing our tender, not very smart)

Mark Jackson - Something occurred to me this offseason, while chasing Tyson Chandler. I read an article that said he was very close to Coach Jackson, that he really wanted to play for him and he called him after he made his decision, apologizing and saying he had to take this opportunity to play with Melo and Amare. I'm actually glad we didn't sign him to that much money, but what donned on me is that he is going to attract players based on his swagger, reputation and respect from his days as a player. Things will get better just having him around.

2. Who to keep and who not to keep

Definitely Keep - Klay Thompson

I'd like to see them keep - Dominic McGuire, Brandon Rush, Jeremy Tyler, Ekpe Udoh, Charles Jenkins

Who can go - everyone else.

Breakdown - From the very first game watching Klay Thompson, I felt that he's going to be a player. Everyone was jumping on his back, saying he looks like a lost puppy, that he looks scared, etc. Keep one thing in mind....he's a rookie. IMO, I can see why Jerry West likes this kid. He might be the most fluid, athletic and fundamental player we have on our team. While he doesn't look like he does anything exceptionally well, he seems to do everything pretty well. Now I'm not saying he's going to be an all-star, but I think he's a piece you can add to a championship type team that will strengthen the team, not hurt it. I think Curry is probably a better shooter and definitely a better passer than Klay. Monta is obviously quicker, faster and more athletic. Lee and Beans rebound better, but my point is, this kid can do all of it. He seems like a complete player to me. Once he learns that he can beat people off the dribble, that people already respect his shot, his game is going to take off, I just keep waiting for him to assert himself and not only settle for jumpers.

McGuire, Rush, Udoh and Jenkins seems like really solid role players to me. I would like to see the W's keep them. Jeremy Tyler, I just want to see if he can be something. I'd hold on to him for potential's sake.

I say everyone else can go because of my next point.....

3. Defense - Here's the Catch 22. We've solved one part of the problem in hiring a coaching staff that values defense. But I think our coaching staff that values it so much is quickly realizing you need defenders to play good defense. Odd concept huh? Curry, Monta, Lee, our "Big 3" are without a doubt our worst defenders. This reminds me of the year Eric Musselman was coaching the team and he'd put Earl Boykins and Bobby Sura in at the end of games, replacing Gilbert Arenas and Jason Richardson because they played good D. This won more games, but ultimately got him fired.

4. The Synopsis - Sorry for the long winded post, but to wrap it all up, I think we should look long at hard at acquiring as many draft picks in the next two years and relieving ourselves of as many of the players I had on my cut list. They all have value and the right team might take a stab at taking a chance on them. Lee would obviously be our toughest guy to trade, but he's also the one I wouldn't mind staying, for the short term. He at least tries on D and I think with a year under Malone, could be a very serviceable defender. Plus, I love his mental toughness.

I would trade Curry and Monta in a heartbeat right now for 1st rounders and expirings. Play Charles Jenkins, Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler as much as possible and see if any of them might be serious gamers by the end of the season. This way, we would have a clear vision going forward. Right now, I feel like we're a confused teenager trying to figure out their identity and our parents are telling us we have to buckle down and hit the books, yet all we want to do is let loose and have fun.

What would you do?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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