How We Build the "We Believe" Roster Again

We need to rebuild. Somehow we turned a team that featured Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, and J-Rich into a (boarderline) contender in one year. I am going to look at the core roster/transactions made to do that and see how it fits into the current situation.

Pieces we have:

A freebie contributor. Matt Barnes - was a nobody before he came. Signed him for cheap. Gave us a 3 pt spark and some good defense. This is the current Dorell Wright.

A guy who can create shots/score. J-Rich -drafted flashy SG that would score, was kind of streaky, and not known for great defense. This is our modern day Monta Ellis.

The captain to guide the ship. Baron Davis - 2 time allstar that was acquired through trading Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis. We have Steph Curry (a better building piece), so I will skip the step on acquire a solid PG. Steph needs to bring a little more of the B Diddy energy as well.

A sixth man. Ellis - drafted guard that came off the bench to cause some damage. Right now the man is Nate Robinson/Klay Thompson, who is doing a decent job, but I don't mind shopping this around.

What we don't have:

Stephen Jackson, and Al Harrington - the guys were acquired in a trade for Troy Murphy and Dunleavy. T-Murph and Dunleavy were at one point the faces of the franchise (when put that way- we have progessed!). Dunleavy was STRUGGLING and coming off the bench. Murphy was decent, but we knew he wasn't the future and he looked like a horse. This means we need to package D-Lee and Udoh to get some equivalent talent (two guys that cost ~$7M/year for salary purposes) and hope its a better fit. Names in a package that I may fit somewhere in this: Jared Dudley, Danny Granger, Andray Blatche or JaVale McGhee, Gerald Wallace (missed that shot last year), any forwards on the Kings (Hickson, Thompson, Cousins if he goes crazy), Shawn Marion, to name a few ideas.

Biedrins (double double edition, still kind of soft). The closest thing we have to this is David Lee, but we need him to land dudes in the previous scenario. Beans isn't close to being this guy. This is gonna have to be a free agent of some sort. I think there are sleepers that could turn into a double double man on this team (Dallas's Haywood type players). It may just have to be a veteran toward the end of their career that we know we can count on. The Marcus Camby type. Contenders always have a 1 year rental that they are giving a shot. Kwame was almost this guy. Who else is out there?

We are not THAT far off. We need to jump on it when a Gerald Wallace type guy is on the table for nothing because of bad behavior. Marc Jackson will turn the dudes attitude around.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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