Tom Abdenour... Where is he now?

Dubs Fan Fam!

Bay area boy born and bred, but I've been living in san diego since '04. You can imagine how annoying it has been for me living in Laker land, listening to all the gloating and "oh man, Warrior fans actually exists?" Comments. Still, I've managed to run into a few Bay area transplants over the years who root for the Warriors and that's alwasy a good feeling of solidarity, but yesterday at the local Von's (Safeway of So Cal) I spotted a Mr. Tom Abdenour meandering his grocery cart in the same Hispanic Foods isle I happened to be in. Keep in mind, I've been watching Warrior games faithfully, for a greater part of a decade. League pass is a beautiful thing; So I automatically recognized his face as that of the former Warriors athletic trainer who would sit on the sidelines.

Without hesitation or thought, I said to him "Excuse me, aren't you the ex Warrior Sports medicine guy?" and he happily responded and said "Sure am, Tom Abedenour, glad to meet you". Super nice guy. He said he was the lead trainer for San Diego State's Mens basketball team now. We ended up having a pretty good 10 minute talk, I had my 14 month old daughter in the shopping cart with me and she started getting ansty, but this convo could have easily been longer.

Some interesting things he mentioned:

I asked him if he was still a Warriors fan and if he still followed, he said he was still a fan, after working withiin the organization for 25 years he said it's hard to root for any other team. However he doesnt have much time to catch games with his current gig.

He said he misses working with the guys, he said and i quote "I feel really bad for Steph, and Andris" he said both were really good kids. He mentioned he doesn't know what is going on with Dorell, said he really liked Dorell alot.

He say's he still has friends in the organization but that it's also very different, obvously.

On to ownership, I asked him about Lacob. He said that everybody was exited about Joe and Peter at first but he thinks Joe is going to have a big learnin curve before he comes into stride.

He basically said You can be really sucsessful at running a corporation but basketball is an entire different animal, I think as long as he humbles his stance a bit he will do fine.

Finally, the Mark Jackson question. Asked him what he thought about the hiring, what he said I thought was interesting. He said, although he doesn't know him personally, he personally feels that Lacob missed on the new hire. He stated that he thinks Mark is a good coaching prospect, he felt that he should have been brought on as a top end assistant, and be groomed for a head coaching gig , along the likes of what Nellie did with Kieth Smart. He says he sees that Mark understimated the roster and the over all speed of the modern league.

Keep in mind, I am paraphrasing as close as possible to what our conversation was, but it was still pretty cool to actually talk to a Warriors insider who has been in the business for so long. It was cool that he took the time to chop it up with me and he overall seemed like a good happy go lucky guy. Final words to me, hang in there, Warriors will figure it out one day, and laughed..

This is what I keep telling myself. Apologies for any grammer mispellings, I banged this out at the office and have to run to a meeting. Go Dubs!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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