Redoing the Seventh Overall Pick

Now that summer league is in the rear view mirror and preseason is mostly done with, I figured we might as well check in as a group on how we spent our first selection in the Draft. I'll go over three options we took, but if you feel like there's another option (I'm sure there is), go ahead and point it out below.

Redraft Barnes:

To kick things off, might as well cover the most obvious choice: keeping things the same. For reference, here's the statline for our rookie small forward:

MPG: 25.2 FG%: .489 3p%: .389 FT%: .714 RPG: 2.7 TO: 1.3 PPG: 9.7

Not earth shattering, I know. As one GSOMer pointed on in the Portland stream, he has tendencies to disappear. This is still preseason, and his upside is undeniable. He's not on Brandon Rush's level yet, and will in all likelihood make his NBA debute off the pine.

One thing of note here: in the past three games, he's played 71 minutes. In those 71 minutes he's shot 16 times. Initially I feared he and Klay would become ball-stoppers on offense. In comparison, in Klay's 92 minutes, 40 shots. That's a shot every 4.5 minutes from Barnes, with Klay putting up a shot every 2. I'm not sure where the average player lies on this spectrum, but I'm going to guess he falls somewhere between the two. The point I'm getting at here is that, so far at least, it seems Barnes' offense can flow and coexist next to a trigger happy Klay. Definately a plus for Barnes' case.

Grab Drummond:

I was both amused and saddened when Andre Drummond's without-shoes measurements clocked in at just 6'9". That means to reach his 6'11.75" measurement WITH shoes, he was pretty much wearing heels. Anyway, Drummond always held a special place in my heart and a top position on my draft board. Take a look at his stats through six:

MPG: 17.5 FG%: 651(!) 3p% .000 (not living up to the shooter he was billed as) FT%: .273 (all his offseason workouts with Goose proved to be successful) RPG: 5.8 TO: .83 PPG: 9.8

Looking at that, immediately I see he's scoring .1 points more than Barnes at .16 (roughly) higher efficiency in 8 minutes less. Now, he's not starting, so he may be going against inferior opponents. Hell, it's preseason, I KNOW he's going against inferior opponents. But, then again, so is Barnes. One interesting statistic is Drummond's pulling down 3 and a half offensive boards per.

One of the reasons I felt like we should draft Drummond is purely out of fear that Detroit would. If Drummond blows up (in a good way), I'll forever be haunted by the Curry/Thompson/Rush/Monroe/Drummond squad that we never trotted out. Never mind the fact that having Monroe might have caused us to bump up in the 2011 Draft, causing someone else draft Klay ahead of us, or that Detroit might have sucked so badly without Monroe that they slipped below us and drafted Drummond anyway, or that Lee may have stumped Monroe's growth, it could happen, dammit! Anyway, glad I blew off that steam.

Drummond's also averaging one and a half blocks.

And out of left field...:

I forgot where I saw it from. Probably off of here. Either way, stick with me. What if we traded the seventh pick... for Wilson Chandler (the guy from the Nuggets). I'll be the first to admit I don't exactly know everything about the 6'8" small forward. He came over to Denver in the 'Melo trade, also known as the "Let's Blow Up Our Team 'Cause We Can't Wait for Free Agency" debacle of 2011.

Above are his season averages. His FG% fluctuates over and under the .400 mark, but he does seem to hover around .450ish for most of his career. He's got 13.8 ppg over his career, and .323 from downtown over his 6 seasons in the Association.

Why do I bring up this trade possibility? Well, if I remember correctly, it wasn't the Warriors who were the ones rumored to inquire about it. The Nuggets reached out to the Warriors about this one, which lends to the idea that it could have actually happened. Post-Howard trade, I realized just how stupendously outlandish my hopes that some form of 7th pick+(enter non-center piece here)=Iggy. Yeah, we needed to second best center in the NBA to pull that heist off. Out of all the trade possibilities, this one sticks with me as the only one that... yeah, that seemed like itactually had a chance of working.

So, back to Chandler. Looking at his stats, he'll probably never be the superstar Barnes has a (minute) chance of being. But he's better right now. And our window with our current roster, with an expensive frontcourt on the precipice of being classified as 'aging', for making the playoffs is shrinking. And we haven't even had our first jumpball of the season. Our current roster is not set up for the long run. Over the next two years players will come and go. Some departures will hurt more than others. Why not trade a prospect for something that gives immediate returns, right away? Chandler this season is bound to have a better season than Barnes, count on it. Curry/Klay/Chandler/Lee/Bogut? Playoffs?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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