Rookies and Line-up thoughts


Watching last night's game was a painful reminder of what being a Warriors has been like the past decade. The all too familiar feeling of sitting on the couch getting hyped up for a division game only to be embarrassed by a clearly superior opponent and finding solace in seeing the rookies who we hope will bring us success in the years to come play some garbage time. Well watching Mark Jackson empty out the bench last night against LAC, I had a few revelations about the make-up of the current Warriors rookies.

- Draymond Green really is an awesome "Basketball Player." Ya he's a tweener, but he's a player. This dude clearly wants it more than anyone on the floor when he is playing and deserves to get a fair amount of PT.

- Ezeli looks like he will be a solid contributor off the bat. He's gonna get schooled by all the vets the first half of the season, but I can see him being a solid back-up post all-star break, especially with increased exposure because of Bogut's health.

- Kent Bazemore is also ready to make a contribution to the club this year. Mark Jackson should give all of RJ's minutes to this kid.

- Harrison Barnes isn't very good. Shouldn't be starting over B-Rush thats for sure.

- Jeremy Tyler is not ready to compete in the NBA, he needs to be in Santa Cruz ASAP. He still has maturing to do, and his best chance to grow is in the D-League.

- Charles Jenkins needs D-League too. He's good enough to be in the NBA but not good enough to get any run on the Dubs.


Assuming Curry and Bogut are healthy I'm starting to wonder if starting Green at the 3 would be the best move for the Dubs. I can imagine most knowledgeable dubs fans are probably snickering thinking I'm crazy because they know that Green is more of an undersized 4 than a 3 but hear me out on this one. Green brings the wanting it attitude to the floor. He works his butt off on D, and is a really good rebounder, something the dubs have been worst or 2nd worst in for the last 6 years!!! As terrible as his outside shot has been this summer/pre-season, his contributions on offense stretch beyond the realm of scoring. Simply put the dude is a play-maker. I could see him being a match-up nightmare for any small forward trying to box him out, post him up, or establish any kind of physical presence for that matter. He is ready to contribute and deserves all the run he can handle.

Starting Green also helps for rotational purposes. Mark Jackson could then bring Rush and Jack into the game 6 mins in as the replacements for Green and Curry. 10 minutes into the game Barnes can come in to spell Klay and Rush would slide over to the 2. Jack can stay in the game till 8 mins left in the 2nd when Curry comes back. Barnes and Rush can play till 6 mins left in the second when Klay and Green come back. Depending on the match-up maybe Bazemore can steal a couple minutes on any given night. Rinse/Repeat in the Second Half. This would also aid the dubs because they will have no minutes to give RJeff..... Sorry RJeff!!!

Harrison Barnes is not ready to be the starting 3 for the dubs. Starting Barnes would be a huge mistake for the dubs to make. Starting Green allows Barnes ease his way into the NBA a little bit more, as Green is more NBA ready at this point than Barnes. Mark Jackson likes bringing Rush off the bench and this also allows Rush to remain in that bench role that he really succeeded in last year.

Of all the guys who will be receiving minutes at the 2, 3 this year (Klay,RJ,Rush,Barnes,Green) Draymond Green IMO is the most competitive player of all 5 of those guys. If I was the coach of a team wouldn't I want start my most competitive players?

Curry28 Jack20... I'm hoping its more 32-16 but Curry's ankles make 28 sound a bit safer

Klay 32 Rush 16 (Bazemore stealing 8-10 minutes on any given night, or getting zero run)

Green24 Rush8 Barnes16

As far as the Bigs go, I like Landry and Ezili coming in 8 minutes into the first. I like Lee coming back in for Ezili with 9 minutes left in the second so Ezili gets 7 minutes of run. I don't like rocking the Lee/Landry combo as the 4/5, but it may be necessary as Bogut gets into playing shape. Then bring Bogut back in with 6 minutes left in the second. Rinse/Repeat second half. This also allows for no minutes for Biedrins...... Sorry Andris!!!!!!

Lee 28 Landry20

Bogut28 Ezili14 Lee6 (Obviously this would be way better if it was Bogut34 Lee0 and Lee stole 4-6 more mins from Landry)

Potential Gimmick Line-ups

The 2 points: Jack/Curry/Klay/Lee/Bogut (definitely happening)

Nellyball: Curry/Klay/Barnes/Rush/Lee (guuuuuh)

SuperNellyball: Curry/Jack/Klay/Rush/Lee (unrealistic)

All Defense: Jack/Bazemore/Rush/Green/Bogut (this has some potential)

Orlando: Curry/Klay/Barnes/Rush/Bogut (Really intrigued by this one)

Super Size: Klay/Rush/Green/Ezili/Bogut (also unrealistic, but a gimmick none-the-less)

2PFnoC: Curry/Klay/Rush/Landry/Lee(Haaaaate this one, but guaranteed to happen)

Bigshotbob05: Curry/Klay/Green/Lee/Bogut

Season's Over: Jack/Klay/Barnes/Lee/Ezili (I'd be extremely depressed if this was our starting line-up on opening night, yet sadly enough I could absolutely see this happening.)

Thanks for reading!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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