Tight games againts lottery teams.. the solution?

This maybe a knee-jerk reaction but:

Well I have had it with losing to bottom teams. The fact that I am infuriated about losing to the Kings/Magic (Queens) tells me a lot. There are 2 things that usually happens:

-We make a last ditch attempt to come back only to fall short

-We make a pretty comfortable lead but the opponent comes back to scare us. We still win though, but as people say winning cures everything.

If we want to make it to the next tier of teams, we need to beat these sort of teams comfortably. That seems tough for us though. We must notice that we only win by single digits. Now I know you guys said last year that you guys lost in these sort of games. At least we are winning now but i just do not feel satisfied (call me a short term fan, i have not been a warriors fan when they struggled).


One thing I noticed that at least 1 player from these lottery teams always goes off on us. Problem: Perimeter defense. In the warriors gameplan, it plays pick your poison: Either shrink the court to stop points in the paint, or defend from the perimeter but sacrifice it for more points in the paint. We got beat by the Kings on these two levels. 11/19! Is this really acceptable? No.

One thing that I can guarantee is that not all teams will go cold from the perimeter (Orlando). There might be a team that we play against that absolutely lights us up. It was the Kings that did this. I really do not have any statistics to show up but I noticed a trend. Ever know why we won the Atlanta game in a blowout? They were ice cold from the perimeter. Eventually our opposition will figure out that our weakness in defense is perimeter defense. Yeah shooting from 3 is a lot less accurate then getting in the paint. This is why i guess we are losing some of our shockers, showing that this is not a reliable method for defense.


I noticed especially in the 4th quarter when we are trying to hold a lead the opponent makes a run on us. Don't remind me of that Hornets game or Bobcats game. This is when our half court defense comes in and noticeably we run more isos and jumpshots. The question is asked: Why aren't we putting teams away like we should? Because the offense slows down in the 4th.

Again, sometimes it works (Timberwolves), but sometimes it doesn't (Hornets). Basically, we are running a half-court offense in the 4th. Offense becomes stagnant and we run some iso plays. Even worse, we jack up some unnecessary 3pt shots along the way in the 4th quarter. Why do that? Can't we just drain the clock instead.When we do win, we have to rely on defense and rebounding, which was non existent in the Kings game.

But A-ha:

I only feel there is one guy that can stop this onslaught: Andrew Bogut. Yes he is injured, yes you maybe frustrated of him not being on the court, but unfortunately it seems that he is the only one that can break this trend apart.

He may not be good on offense as he is on defense, i feel he came make the game go the other way and hold a comfortable lead. Trust me i see a lot of him on the court ever since back to his Bucks days. Even though he is like 80% of what he once was in 2010, he still defensively excellent to allow his teammates to guard the perimeter. Bogut is so elite, that he dares for someone to go into the paint. Remember, he is also a shotblocker as well (He possessed the highest amount of blocks even with one arm). I still feel Bogut is the key to make the defense as a reliable weapon game in and game out.

Another thing about him is we could make him an offensive go to man if he is used right in the 4th quarter. Once we drain the shot clock, we could go to him and he will take it from there. Of course i have seen him so many times i know what his game is like. His strengths come one on one. He seems to have a baby hook shot that he uses on his opponents. You guys saw this in his first game as a warrior. He also has a jumpshot which he utilized in early 2010, when we was up there with the names like Dwight Howard as a center (call me crazy). His arm is not an issue anymore, so that is a bit of a positive. When the defense clogs the paint for Bogut and Lee, they could just simply pass it to a great shooting backcourt for the wide open jumper/3 (Bogut is a great passer by the way). The fact was that in Milwaukee, there were too many guys hogging the ball which hindered his offensive game (Redd, Jennings ughh)

Remember, he used to be a 16/10 guy but I doubt he would go back to those numbers :(

Now that we have both shooting and passing, i feel he can be a weapon on both sides and not just defense. Sure he would be a 4th option but we should give it to him and Lee when the backcourt is not firing.

Just my biased view of Bogut (big Bogut fan here). This is just my first time writing a fanpost and I'm not that great at English so do not criticize me so much; I'm a uni student by the way.. Sorry if my knowledge of basketball isn't good :(

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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