Warriors Links Dump: First-place version


After getting over the hump with a victory against the Denver Nuggets, the Warriors beat the Indiana Pacers to cap a 2-0 week and stay hot.

Looks like the hot topic this week in the Bay Area will be the ongoing improvements shown by the Golden State Warriors.

Or not. The San Francisco 49ers are in the middle of a possible title run with a bit of a quarterback controversy, ya know?

And the Oakland Raiders are....well, out of the playoff picture in Week 13. They've somehow managed to lose more games in 13 weeks than in all 16 games last season. Progress!

The Dubs come into this week on a three-game winning streak and they get the Orlando Magic tonight on a back-to-back so this could mean another win.

Here are the key readings you may have missed over the weekend.

Game Recaps

Nuggets vs Warriors: Klay & Steph vs Gallo & Ty NBA 2012-13 - YouTube

Revisiting Game 16: Warriors Keep Plugging Along, Now 10-6 - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

The first link is a YouTube video that breaks down the significant numbers of the Warriors offense and defense. Really interesting analysis on transition offense, defense and play-calling.

This blog post by Marcus Thompson III breaks down the best and worst player of the game against the Pacers along with several interesting tidbits about Harrison Barnes. Even though the Warriors have been winning lately, their offense still isn't clicking at 100% and Barnes may be able to help. He also notes the bench minutes handed out by Mark Jackson. While it's helping the overall performance of the team that he's cutting down on bench minutes, he'll soon have to distribute them more evenly because of the long schedule. More Draymond Green and Charles Jenkins to come.

Player Analysis

Evaluating Dion Waiters, Jared Sullinger, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, other NBA rookies | The Point Forward - SI.com

Lee making name for himself and Warriors - SFGate

Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry riding a hot streak of sorts - San Jose Mercury News

Quick looks around the team on Barnes, David Lee and Stephen Curry.

Barnes' defense is a focus in the article as it appears that he has become one of, if not the best, wing defender on the Warriors. Without Brandon Rush, they'll need more from him and Draymond Green throughout the season. I personally don't mind the Curry-Klay-Barnes-Green lineup if they can get Andrew Bogut in there. Maybe next year?

David Lee is sort of the punching bag and the poster child for the Warrior's apparent allergic reactions to defense but he's turned it around this season. Well, a little bit. Lee is playing better and winning. We'll keep it there for now.

As for Curry, it was only a matter of time, right? There was just no way he could keep struggling like he was at the beginning of the season. Be it the ankle injury in preseason, self-made expectations from the contract or just mechanical errors, Curry has corrected those and has been playing better as a shooter and passer in the past two weeks.

Bogut News

Bogut's ankle needs time, doctor say - SFGate

Your obligatory Bogut ankle news. Decipher it any way you want. At least he isn't bowling in his spare time.

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