Besides us letting Jeremy Lin go, I feel like the warriors organization is doing a great job with the team. We have a nice bench. The acquisition of Nate Robinson, Brandon Rush, Klay Thompson, and kwame Brown were all good pick ups. Its clear we have the solid bench and depth we need for for when we need to spare our starters time to rest and to be a contending team in the west.

The starters on this team have a good chemistry, but they wont get far. Two players that stick out to me that are hurting our team are Andris Biedrins and D. Wright. Andris hurts our team because he does nothing for us on offense. Defenses know this and are starting to leave him alone therefore its like we are playing 4 on 5. D. Wright is hurting our team with all those pump fakes and trying to pick up fouls and never gets them.

Our three starters "RUN ELC" ellis, lee, and curry are GREAT! They have a few rough nights but i dont blame them when they have to grind out each game DOING EVERYTHING for 35-40 + mins a night.

As you read below, i would like to propose a trade and maybe 1 or two pick ups that will make our team a contending team in the west!

First i would like to propose that we let Charles Jenkins, Chris Wright, and Jeremy Tyler all play so that we can evaluate what we have in those players. Our other bench players dont need any evaluation they have already proven they can get us back into games and thats all you can ask for, the rest is up to the STARTERS!

My next proposal is that we trade biedrins and D. wright to the bucks for ex warrior Cap'n jack! Before you say im smoking crack or get upset just hear me out. This trade makes sense for both teams. The bucks would do this because Jackson is causing problems and is looking to be traded. The bucks would get a solid defender in D. Wright. He is similar to jackson not to mention his contract is cheaper then jackson's. The bucks would also get a decent backup center in biedrins to spare Bogut some minutes. Biedrins needs a fresh start and i feel like he would thrive playing with bogut and having a chance to prove himself somewhere else.

The warriors would add Jackson because he is a proven player. The warriors NEED to get there minds out of getting draft picks, we have done this enough already and it has gotten us nowhere. If you really think about all our last draft picks, none of them are with us still, so i think its time we give up on that. Jackson would bring that SOLID defender we need, playoff experience, and toughness. He doesnt pump fake as much as D. Wirght, but i must admit as much as i like D Wright, i would love to have Jackson back even with him getting older. I have to say it again, Jackson brings TOUGHNESS to this team!! When i look at Curry, Ellis, Wright, lee, and biedrins, i see NOOOOO EMOTION!!! I see a little in Lee, but its not enough! Monta i feel like he is too serious or just is simply tired of losing and he is just lost and does not know what to do. Jackson would an old friend and could possibly bring Monta out of this shell he is in.

All i want is for Curry and Ellis to develop that mindset that Chris Paul or even our very own Nate Robinson, i want them to develop that mindset that when they hit a shot i want to see them clapping at the opposing team and getting into their heads! When they develop that both of them can truly call themselves ALL-STARS!! Something they need to realize is that they cant just put the numbers up, they have to have character about themselves as well. To sum up Jackson, i feel like we can use him in many ways. We have Klay who is proving himself. We can allow Klay to start for us let him have a shot at getting rookie of the year not to mention allow ellis to run point and slide curry over to shooting guard. Imagine Rondo from the celtics and two Ray allens running the floor. Thats what we have and we need to utilize it. Klay is an okay defender but on certain nights we can allow jackson to start, but i rather see jackson try to get 6th man of the year. Im rgoing a little off topic here, but inserting jackson in the second lineup would make our bench really competitive! I guarentee they lead in blocks having a defensive player in kwame next year, and udoh. Not to mention we would have that toughness coming from those solid bigs plus jackson and NATE. Rush would just be additional scoring for us but a good fit to round us out.

Finally for next year, i would go after Dwight Howard! I dont want to talk much about him because we all know what he brings! The warriros would have that solid 5 who can post and bring attention off of our backcourt allowing them to do deadly work! i would really start Klay if we had D. Howard because again imagine two sharpshooters plus a fearless attacker in MONTA on the floor, not to mention Lee who can post and shoot! Not to mention the warriors would be on ESPN/TnT everynight!!! The warriors are suppose to have a ton of cash next off season, so tanking this season for that 6th or lower pick would be a good idea so that we can trade it for cash possibly? To cap it off Howard did say he would love to play with "ELLIS & JACKSON" so why not get ellis a old friend back, keep our dominating back court, and add HOWard? Jackson has one year left on his books for 10 mil. I rather pick him up this year and pay HIM rather then biedrins because i know i will get more out of my money. We would have a complete team and it would all be left up to Howard to realize that he is the MISSING PIECE. Getting a player like Jackson only boost our chances at getting Howard, plus we need to get rid of biedrins salary, he is hurting this team financially and on the court.

i feel like Howard will not go to the nets. If he goes there it will be for the $$$ because the nets have No one!! I dont see him going to the bulls unless hes traded before the deadline, but i dont see that happening. The bulls are best team in the NbA and are going after that ring this year they dont have time to break up there team and try and develop chemistry and find out in the playoffs that they are a few players away. I see Howard going to the clippers, lakers, or warriors in that order! The clippers have a great team and are very similar to us, but they just have more emotion. If you compare us we are dead on the nose the same! we have a deeper bench but we lose because no mental toughness! I dont see much of a reason for howard to pass up on going to the clippers. But some reasons could be money. Howard would go to the Lakers more likely because he has three good years left with kobe + gasol + world piece etc, but with no point guard im not sure. After Kobe leaves, he would be the face of that team. if he came to our team he has a realistic shot at winning more titles then the celtics organization if we can keep our team together and injury free! Maybe not the Celtics organization but my point is he can get a few more rings because we have a young good team!

Theres no telling if we can get howard next year, all we can do is hope, but i would definitely get jackson which would then make us maybe 1-2 players away from being a playoff team. If Howard disses our team. We have options to go after young potential centers like mcgee, hibbert, or a vet in kevin garnett if the celtics pass on him .We could sign back ups to add depth like turiaf. Im expecting the Lakers to offer Howard money before they offer Bynum cash, so hopefully bynum feels disrespected and looks to move on. I wouldnt mind over paying him and trying to trade him or just keep him. ANY center is a upgrade from biedrins at this point.


Evaluate the team see what we have going into next year.

Play for 6th pick or lower.

Trade wright and biedrins for jackson.

In the summer go after Howard, or an upgrade to biedrins. (take into consideration a upgraded center will take some weight off of other players on our team).

Current Team after Trade

Curry/ Nate/ Jenkins

Ellis/ Klay/

Jackson/ Rush/ c. Wright

Lee/ Udoh/ Mcquire

???/Brown/ Tyler

We would have to sign a big man just to get through this season, but im all for it if we can evaluate this person and have them as a backup next year if we get Howard.

Next Years Team

Curry/ Nate/ Jenkins

Ellis/ Klay

Jackson/ Rush

Lee/ Udoh/ Mcquire

Preferably Howard, but if not- (Bynum, Mcgee, hibbert, R. Lopez, B. Lopez, ,Garnett, Turiaf, A. Randolph // Kwame Brown, Jeremy Tyler.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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