Some Deadline Moves?

Warriors are 11-infinity headed into tonights game versus Lob City and Warrior Nation is still upset with how things are being handled. Earlier today Larry Riley was interviewed by Marcus Thompson II, where Riley stated the "clock was ticking". Warriors have lost nine times when they were within 1 point, tied or ahead late in games. NINE!!!

I wanted to throw out some different trade ideas if the Warriors continue to lose and management does want to "revamp"the roster...

Warriors receive:

Pau Gasol, Brook Lopez

Nets recevive:

David Lee, Monta Ellis, Dorrell Wright, Lakers 1st

Lakers receive:

Deron Williams, Anthony Morrow

Trade Machine Link for those who like the visual

Warriors get a pair of 7 footers. Being able to rebound better and gain size. They take on $18 mil with Gasol and RFA who is going to be paid but the Warriors finally get huge. They decide Curry is the guy and then we never need to hear about Curry/Ellis back court again.


  • Acquire All-star quality post players
  • Become better rebounding, defense and post scoring
  • Lose the small back court "issues"


  • Gain one of the best scorers in the NBA
  • Gain durable former all star big man
  • Gain insurance if DWill was to leave
  • Nice Foundation for DH to join
  • Acquire a 1st Round Pick


  • Acquire a top PG in the NBA
  • Better scoring bench
  • Great fit for DH and new Big 3

Warriors get Charlie Villanueva for Andris Biedrins

I'd add in a 2nd if that was the breaking point.

Warriors have tried and failed with Biens and they just can't get anything productive. Benefits he can bring to a team are good defense and the ability to rebound.

His defense would be helpful with Monroe who doesn't play much defense. Detroit sends out Villanueva who isn't good, doesn't play, isnt healthy but his contract's 3rd year is a team option (decline) and about $1 million cheaper next year.

Which mean the Warriors could move it as an expiring or let it go saving $9 million in cap space. This trade is strictly for salary and not for production so expecting production from Villanueva isn't the purpose of the trade (someone will say he sucks...)

Warriors get Stephen Jackson for Andris Biedrins

This was someone else's proposal, and it makes some sense. More so if the Warriors were able to do the trade I suggested for Gasol. Jackson isn't going to play much longer in Milwaukee and the Bucks are interested in getting a center because Bogut is hurt. This is a swap for poor players and could help both teams if they both figure it out.

Warriors get Chris Anderson for Dorrell Wright

Warriors find a center who can actually do something besides 0 points 0 boards 0 blocks and 4 fouls, they lose Wright and for that and the fact Anderson still has a few years left the Nuggets may have to add in a 1st (protected) or future 2nd.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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