Shout Out to David Lee



This is to let D Lee know that as a "Warrior" he is appreciated for both what he does on the floor as well as his demeanor and what he does off the floor.

When I read this snippet by Marcus Thompson, I found his statement to be so Lee-esque and fitting to the type of person he is, here in the midst of utter chaos with every players name being bandied about as trade bait he comes forth as the voice of reason and in one stroke quails all the anxiety and what could be a disastrous position between the players and the FO.

David Lee:

"I won't be surprised if we do something, but I love our team the way it is," Lee said. "There's a big difference between doing something that makes sense and doing something just to say you did something.

"We all appreciate that our front office is being active and trying to make us better. It's nice to feel like they have the same passion that you do."

This article appeared on page B - 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle

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Awe, yes, "¶ A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver" in one statement he complements all the other players and brings a voice of caution to the FO about making a move that would make sense and not to make a move just to make one, and then keeps from alienating himself and the players by saying the FO shares the same passion for the game that they do while acknowledging that they are only trying to improve the team… priceless…

Also kudos to the under appreciated much maligned Lee for always leaving everything out on the court, you can fault him and say his rebounds don’t come at the right times or that his defense is lacking but I have watched him play some stellar defense the last couple of games while gathering critical rebounds and crucial points in the much needed wins over Dallas and the Clips when it counted the most.

What I like about him is he sees himself a Warrior and a team guy and although he’s not the strongest or fastest guy on the court he makes the most of his talents.

He’s a heady player, has a great feel for the game, and is the one player that seems to have chemistry with all the other players, weather it’s setting scenes, the give and go or the screen and pop, playing with his back to the rim to drive and dish, I love the way he gets to the open spot on the floor when Monta drives waiting for him to either pass of finish…

He’s constantly asked to cover the opposing center and never complains, never causes friction, he does what he’s asked to do without grumbling, this is what NY loved about him, he is a student of the game and works hard on and off the court to be a character guy…

For all the crap that Lee gets he continues to hold his head up high and give it his all, we’re lucky to have a player of his character and caliber, one thing that’s hard to measure is the size of a persons heart, and this is why I believe Lee got his big contract, because he has a lot of heart, and he can’t be faulted for that, we signed him for 80 mil and as far as I can see he is not a disappointment, give the man a real Center to play alongside and I believe his game will get even better.

In NY he had to play a lot of C, and he did it without moaning or begrudging the team, he did whatever they asked of him and never complained, what’s that worth? And what’s wrong with a 20/10 guy anyway?

I believe Lee definitely can be one of your core three guys that you can win a championship with, but not without a bonafide big man in the middle, If possible it may behoove the Warriors to wait until this summer and go after a FA…because with an anchor in the middle right now this team makes the playoffs…

We need to focus on being a perennial playoff team and upgrade year by year until something magical happens, I would love to see this group of guys with the addition of a big and if we can upgrade at any position then fine, but I don’t think its time to blow the team up until we have a chance to see what they can do with a legit big man in the middle.

And lastly, We don’t need to make a move out of desperation and set the franchises back again, this is a critical time, and should be something that has the most positive effect on the team in terms of X/O’s and not just a move to try and save face for the accruing stupid moves of our front office, such as the wasted amnesty on Bell, letting JLin go for 270,000 off our Cap for a deal that was never going to work in the first place and for allowing the protection to come off our 2012 draft pick. Not counting passing up on Monroe for Udoh.

If we make the playoffs this year with the core group of guys we now have we will be seen as one or two pieces from being able to go deep into the playoffs…a lot depends on Curry and how healthy he is….

But as far as recognizing the efforts and the heart of David Lee and of him feeling appreciated in Oaktown, and looked upon as a real Warrior who could potentially have his number retired in the W’s rafters someday, may this thread act as a "Shout Out" for all the hard work and effort he gives without complaining for his team the GSW…

Rock on my man, We see the effort and you are appreciated..

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