I emailed Mr. Lacob about the recent news...

Because I was frustrated about the recent news about Lacob nixing the deal for Bogut, I decided to write to him about it, and I got a pretty quick, to the point, reply.

Me: Dear Mr. Lacob,

I am sure you get many of these letters, especially as the trade deadline approaches, but upon reading some recent news today, I felt compelled to write to you. It might be a longshot, but I would really like to hear your justification on rejecting the trade that would ultimately land the Dubs Andrew Bogut in exchange for Monta Ellis. I'm not too well versed on the exact deal and the others involved, but from what I read, your reasoning for declining was not to help the Magic keep Dwight. To be honest, I'm more than confused about this, as you are the GM (a mistake by me, because in the news, he sure sounded like a GM making the decisions) of the Golden State Warriors, not the Orlando Magic. I feel like although Bogut has the reputation to be injury-prone, it's probably well agreed upon by the majority of fans that the trade would help us a ton, because Bogut would be exactly what the team needs. With the shortage of talented big men on the market (you should know this well,) this should be the opportunity we've been waiting for and the trigger should be pulled. We get to keep our young players (from what I know) and the only downside would be taking on additional contracts from the deal and of course, the loss of Ellis. As a dedicated Warriors fan that would definitely become a season ticket holder if the team shows any promise of improvement in the foreseeable future, I really would like to know the reasoning. And hopefully you guys prove me wrong by the trade deadline and pull the trigger on something else that would improve us, but I'll have to wait and see I guess.
Thanks for your dedication to the organization thus far, and I hope I get any sort of reply from you.
Sincerely, Alex
And his reply: Alex, I am not the GM. I am the owner.

Second, none of it is True. It is all speculation and made up.


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I would write up thoughts, but I have to get to class.

(And sorry for speaking on behalf of the majority of Dub fans, I should have adressed it as more of my opinion)

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