The Andrew Bogut trade + Stephen Jackson to Houston?

What was the Warriors' identity before the Monta Ellis deal? What is it now?

BUCKS ------------------------------------------------------

Ekpe Udoh - The departure of Ekpe, who was just coming into his own, was a huge loss. It was not athleticism, but balance and timing that based his game. These are not perishable attributes. For this reason, he could play the same way he does now, well into his 30's.

When you have a high character guy like Udoh, if you allow him to become tenured with your club, with the likeliness of him performing at a high level for a long time - This kind of player develops a value with the clubhouse that is not interchangeable. When he speaks, rookie and veteran alike will listen. Defense is about commitment and Udoh is about defense. It appeared as though he would be with the franchise for a long time...

*Ekpe Udoh wore #13 in college....he was traded on the 13th for the 1st time in his career. - Fun Facts

Monta Ellis - There is a bottom line here:

If you have the opportunity to accept a trade, where the main pieces are an elite center for a very good shooting guard, you must make that deal every time.

It was evident long ago, that the growth of Stephen Curry hinged on the success/mood of Monta Ellis. The franchise's commitment to Curry this previous off-season, confirmed by the refusal to deal him for Paul or Rondo, made the relationship between he and Ellis that much more monumental.

It is impossible to accomplish what Mark Jackson is trying convert, if your starting scoring guard is physically unable to guard his position every night. Winning teams guard their position every night.

Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings will make for an electric backcourt. They will run teams out of the gym some nights. Milwaukee needs electricity. They need support.

Kwame Brown - He should come back to the Warriors next year. A 1, 2 punch at center with Bogut and Brown would be a very physical one, one the Warriors have not seen in 20+ years. He seemed to like playing here, and the fans were warming up to him. His appreciation of the opportunity was noticeable, and the front office could reach out to him next season, as a mutual interest may linger.

WARRIORS ------------------------------------------------

Andrew Bogut - You must play to your strengths to win. Yesterday, the Warriors were designed for the fast paced, run and gun game. Coach Mark Jackson is trying to turn them into a defensive, half-court team who can run. This is a catch - 22. Yes, you are teaching them the right way, but you are playing away from your team's strengths.

Now, the Warriors are ready. We are no longer a soft team. Size is an attribute that disables an opposing team's excitement to play you. If you are big and mean, teams will not skip into Oakland and prepare for a possible career outing. This is what the Warriors need in order to gain RESPECT from other teams. Once they gain that respect, then they will finally demand it from David Stern, and the league.

Stephen Jackson - It's hard to believe the Warriors and Stephen Jackson will develop any kind of relationship. I think he will be dealt before the deadline, and this should be the deal:

ROCKETS GET: Stephen Jackson

WARRIORS GET: Terrence Williams, Hasheem Thabeet, 2nd round pick

Stephen Jackson was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

The Rockets gain a versatile player to place next to Kevin Martin, and Kyle Lowry gains another scorer and option.

Luis Scola and Pat Patterson also share the same benefits that Andris Biedrins used to enjoy.

Jackson is happy here. This is key.

Why the Warriors need to make this trade, and why it benefits them: Expiring contracts. Youth.

David Lee and Andrew Bogut are the best passing 4/5 combo in the game.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the best shooting backcourt in the game.

This means that teams will not be able to double team the post, on either side, without paying penalty. Curry and Thompson will check defensive players from doing this. This provides an excellent combination of inside/outside offense. We no longer have a player who can get to the rim, at any time. The inside/outside offense needs a medium. They need an athletic, slashing swingman who can not only score at the rim, but also pick it up off the dribble and make the pass.

Terrence Williams, although underwhelming in the NBA thus far, may simply need to find himself in the right situation before he finds success. He is still relatively young, and is an athletic specimen. Like McGuire, he could blend in as a defensive cog in Jackson's system.

Why not get rid of Stephen Jackson, free up cap room, and give a young player a chance, in a season that will be geared towards developing talent, anyway? Williams has shown flashes of a player who can drive and make passes. The Warriors need this.

2nd round draft pick - This is a deep 1st round. Talent will bleed over to the 2nd round. Give Jerry West draft picks. Jerry West will find talent.

The Warriors would then have three 2nd round draft picks. With Jerry West at the helm overseeing, we will take those odds. We have a chance to gain a rotation player here, or even more?

Hasheem Thabeet - He is an expiring contract and a big body for Jeremy Tyler to beat up in practice. He is the perfect test dummy, and his contract makes this deal possible, earning over 6 million a year.

The Warriors had no identity before the Monta Ellis trade. Tonight, they have one.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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