I am so ashamed to be a Warriors fan right now

Not for the reason you all think. I loved the boos, I believe a rousing round of boos for this team have been a long time coming. I get how everybody feels about the future with the Bogut trade... It's a move for the future that MIGHT work out nicely, and I understand that at this point most Warriors fans have never seen such a big reason to be optimistic about next year...

That being said, if the goal is to change the culture of the team to be a winning culture, the fans at Oracle need to get on board with that mentality too. It is the responsibility of the fans to demand more of the team and apply pressure to the front office to construct a winning team. As fickle as Los Angeles fans are, their front office is under constant threat of losing massive amounts of money and support if they don't put out a winning product. As a result, the Lakers win championships about 1/4 of the time and the Clippers have finally emerged into basketball relevance.

I have noticed a mentality among Bay Area sports fans that the only way to be a "true fan" is to remain blindly loyal and keep throwing your support at a team that may have done nothing for you lately, if at all. I think at this point it is time for Warrior fans to trade loyalty for expectations. We're all here on this blog site bleeding our hearts for a team that has made the playoffs once or twice in most of our lifetimes in a league where MOST OF THE TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. It would be foolish to argue against anybody's loyalty here.

The trade that was made MIGHT turn the franchise around. We MIGHT see crazy production from a healthy Bogut and a healthy Curry. They MIGHT be perennial playoff contenders. These are all possibilities... But Curry and Bogut have played one complete NBA season between the two of them, so all of these possibilities defy reality.

The reality is that this year the front office chose to rest the future of the franchise on Curry's popsicle stick ankles, which will probably keep him sidelined for more than his fair share of the rest of his career (see: Greg Oden's knees). The reality is that the team didn't actually get better, it just gambled on some players who historically have shown an inability to stay healthy enough to live up to their potential BUT will make the team better if they somehow do. Much like Lacob and Mark Jackson's assertions at the beginning of the season arrogantly assumed that just by their presence the same starting 5 would magically become a playoff team, the trade assumes that just by putting these guys together they will both magically become durable and reliable in spite of the fact that neither has ever done so.

The only thing we know for sure is that right now the team is much worse than it was before the trade deadline, and it will only get better if our new core players deviate from their own norms. A trade that DEFINITELY makes the team worse right now and only MIGHT make the team better in the future is a trade that deserves boos, because it is a bad trade until MIGHT becomes DOES. This is especiallly questionable since there is no reason to believe Curry and Bogut will become healthier players than they are now

I don't think the fans booing took anything away from Mullin's jersey retirement. Considering his jersey was retired at a halftime where a bunch of scrubs were getting scraped off Kevin Love's shoes, the fans actually seemed to be really supportive of Mully. Those boos were for Joe Lacob and the Warriors organization, not Chris Mullin, and they were completely justified. It honestly makes me sad that a lot of holier-than-thou fans are on here wagging their fingers at people for finally (and deservedly) getting too fed up with losing, gambling, and arrogance. It is my honest opinion that the loyalty of the Warrior fanbase has been proven, and now it is our turn to start having some expectations. The fans have continued uplifting this franchise through decades of mediocrity, and it is more than fair that many of us are reaching the point where "hey just trust us on this gamble" isn't really cutting it.

I've heard "just wait til next year" my entire life as a Warriors fan and been disappointed every time, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. It's not right of you to question our loyalty or our integrity just because we're tired of being fed promises and optimism by front offices who never deliver. Booing is the best way to express that sentiment with the organization.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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