A Match Made in Heaven?


The first half of the month of March has proven to be franchise changing, It was on March 12,2012 as Joe Lacob was about to pull the trigger on the trade that would send Andrew Bogut to the GSW that the alignment of Venus and Jupiter began to make sense, In a rare and spectacular planetary alignment in the first 15 days of March Venus and Jupiter appeared together within degrees of each other as if to say Bogut and Lee is a match made in heaven.

Then on March 13th 2012 at approximately 7 PM, PST, the planets continued to appear in the night sky together as Bogut was traded to the GSW to be aligned with Lee as a sign of brighter things to come.

And while Venus and Jupiter were still illuminating and as the trade dead line was passing on March 15th 2012 a finale sign in the night sky came to light, It was MerCury appearing on the horizon being slightly obscured in the shadow of the Sun, the interpretation was clear, Curry was looking directly at his two biggs in the center of the key (picture below) with both Klay (Apollo) and Rush (Odysseus) on each side poised to shoot.

So on this date 3/15/2012, Andrew Bogut, David Lee and Stephen Curry will forever be linked to Venus Jupiter and Mercury; and will go down in basketball mythology as the aligning of the planets that changed the landscape in the west once and for all.

The basketball gods have looked down and have bequeathed their blessings on the trade that even made the "Big Dipper" (WC) smile upon the little dipper (Curry), oh alas alas, the "golden ones" have finally got the pieces in place to change the western hemisphere and bring in the new golden age of basketball for all those who travel by Ferry and by Bart and those who crisscross the bridges to gather at Mount Olympus on Coliseum Way near the golden City by the bay.

Yes something was brewing in Wisconsin and it wasn’t just the hops, it was the beginning of the cultural revolution in the west, and now not only will the bay never be the same but also the western conference will never be the same, for although the Son of Australia arose in the east he now sits in the west, yes the bay it be a changen!

With the departure of our beloved Ellis our back-court just got bigger by degrees, and the Bucks backcourt will now come to be known as T&T, the tiny tots of Wisconsin…No disrespect intended.

Also with the addition of Bogut our front-court has now grown by epic proportions, as if we grew up overnight, and so with the departure of "Montay ball" one of the last remnants of Don Nelson’s traveling Circus has finally comes to a close, we will miss the man on the flying traipse as he now gets to do his high wire act in Buckland palace, gone @ Mount Olympus will be the ooohs and ahhhs of the crowd as they watched each pirouette sitting spellbound even though another "O" was in the making, how strange it was that seeing the magnificent one whirling and spinning our senses were numbed and masked to the pain of losing, yes Monta was the beautiful poppy that exuded it’s opium at MT Olympus..

Only Bozo remains with his big floppy feet, will he now take off his bronzer and his big red nose? Or will Mr.16% fade into oblivion? perhaps we should have keep Tinker Bell and amnestied the Latvian sharp shooter!! only the shadow knows for sure!

The FO was able to pull off a franchises changing trade that will erase years of past incompetence and bring new beginnings….

We will always wonder "what if" and what could have been had we landed Adonis (Howard) but perhaps a young Apollo can help us forget what could have been as the magnificent one once said "it is what it is"

Bogut also known by the Roman’s as Vulcan and by the Greeks as Hephaestus was once cast down from Mt Olympus and suffered a deformation to his leg/ankle along with a broken wrist and elbow, but Zeus has looked upon him and has raised him up to go to war with Lee who is also known by the Greeks as "Ares" because of his lack of popularity while at the same time being a fierce Warrior, and although he has been attacked by Zombies poisoned by a Nash in PX yet he stands as strong as Hercules, and now joined by MerCury and a young Apollo the golden ones are ready to go forth and conquer.

The compass is pointing due north and once again the morning stars have come together, the long winter of our discontent is past, Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief and let the games begin !!

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." -Deepak Chopra





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