The Semi-Official Catch-All Cockamamie Trade Idea Thread, Pt. I


Double Nightmares, anyone?

OK, let's give this a whirl. As Evanz rightly pointed out yesterday, the FanShots section should really be devoted to newsy items (links, video clips, legit rumors, etc.) rather than random trade ideas. At the same time, we often point out to our contributors that FanPosts are "intended to be substantive and well-researched." So where does this leave the forlorn GSoMer itching to post a random trade idea? Well, if it's a reasonably plausible idea and you argue it clearly and throroughly (i.e. rationalize it from the perspective of all the parties involved, in decent English prose) it can be a FanPost. If not: well, post it either as a comment in an existing semi-related thread, or in this thread. I can't get into the code of this site to make a separate trade ideas section (as a couple of readers have suggested) but if more than three of you rec this, it will effectively be stickied under recommended FanPosts for a couple of weeks or so. That'll take us right up to the March trade deadline.

I'll start: Monta for Okafor. GSoM was on this long before J.A. Adande brought it up in ESPN's latest 5-on-5. (I was harping on it last week, though IIRC I stole the concept from GSoMer Raiiny).

Why the Warriors do it.

First off, the shell of Biedrins would get to fulfill his lifelong dream of never having to play a minute of meaningful NBA basketball. Emeka would team with Ekpe to form a Nigerian nightmare big man tandem. Our frontcourt would immediately go from mostly soft to mostly solid. The front court minutes could be distributed roughly as follows:

Lee 36 / Okafor 30 / Udoh 26 / Biedrins 4

As for the backcourt: well, I think even Monta's biggest supporters would have a hard time explaining how dispersing Monta's minutes among some combo of Nate, Steph, Rush, and Klay would represent much of a downgrade. We'd get bigger overall and more efficient. (It's too bad Jeremy Lin isn't still around to provide Monta's lost aggressiveness and drive-and-kick skills, but alas, water under the bridge).

Overall result: a full-sized, well-balanced starting five of Curry / Rush / Wright / Lee / Okafor supplemented by a strong, equally well-balanced four-man bench crew of Nate / Klay / McGuire / Udoh. Klay probably steps into the starting 5 when he shows he ready. Yeah, not a championship contender by any means, but, assuming a healthy Curry, a solid perennial playoff team, imho. Think a slightly better version of the Grizzlies.

Why the Hornets do it.

Well ... for one thing, Okafor ain't all that. He's a good rebounder and defender, and a reasonably efficient scorer, but nothing spectacular in any area. He turns 30 in September -- not exactly old, but kinda old if you're a team in full rebuilding mode. He's due $28M over the next two seasons. Flipping him for Monta saves the Hornets $3M a year, makes their core younger, and gives them some star power and ESPN highlight-reel-ability they currently lack. From a local kid from Jackson, MS, no less. The presence of Eric Gordon could be a potential obstacle, but (a) Gordon's a restricted free agent at year's end and could be headed elsewhere; and (b) even if he stays, he and Monta could make a pretty explosive inside-out combo. Indeed, he may fit better with Monta than Curry does, since unlike Curry, he has the length and strength to guard twos on occasion.

Sort of a win-win, imho. Or maybe even win-win-win-win, since I imagine Monta would be pretty cool with moving to such a cool city, so close to his hometown, and I imagine Udoh and Okafor would find it fun to team up with a fellow southern kid (Udoh from OK, Emeka from TX) with Nigerian roots.

OK, there's your model for a trade-related FanPost. If you can take half an hour or so to compose something along these lines, by all means post it as a separate FanPost. If you just want to rattle off ESPN trade machine results, please do so in this diary (or any other existing diary in which you think it's relevant). Thanks!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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