Was last night's loss really so bad?

First time post, I hope I don't have any scathing critics. Constructive criticism welcome. I haven't posted before, right, so I'm not sure if posts like this one are acceptable, but oh well. Initially I was just going to comment on the game thread, but then I began to suspect that someone would have something (annoying) to say about the length of my comment. So now I am making my first post. Should I mention that it's my first time posting more?

Posting, where the longer the posts are generally indicative of superior basketball knowledge. Alright on to my inquiry and endorsement of this team, sprinkled in with some wishful thinking.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, but we ARE the 9th worst team in the NBA. But what's so bad about that? Curry's young and under contract, same with Monta, Dorrell, Brandon Rush, Ekpe, Charles, Klay, Jeremy, oh yeah, and Chris Wright. And David Lee is in the prime of his career. This season, truthfully, has had all the makings of a disasterous year. A first year head coach in a condensed, limited, and rushed season. Most of the players I mentioned have yet to have a proper preseason.

We have a bad record, but we're competitive in games, and we have given a handful of games away, so I think we are better than our record suggests. Really the future doesn't look so bad, while still uncertain and improbable I think Mark Jackson has this team playing noticeably better, or at least in patches of it, but at least more frequently at the defensive end which is fine by me. What I'm trying to say is that I trust Mark Jackson to coach this team for years to come. You'll see improvement next season.

I know we are a no excuse basketball team but I don't think we should be so critical of Jackson. Give him time. I admit I hoped and believed he could have coached us to a better record and perhaps into the playoffs, but now I can see that might have been unrealistic to expect granted the circumstances.

Finally, on to what I have been dying to inquire, which is whether or not we are the 9th worst team. So then we are just two places away out of the 7th spot. With the remainder of our schedule filled almost completely with games against teams with winning records, hot and cold scoring games, derelictions of defense, and costly injuries, we could very well lose a lot games.

A team like Milwaukee with playoff experience could start a playoff coup, but maybe I'm just getting my hopes up.

D Will could just start "BAL #! LIN" and put up 50 a few more times and show the world that he's the league's best point guard. Come to think of it I hope League Pass lowers its prices, so I can hopefully watch Deron play Derrick Rose, and Chris Paul, maybe even Rondo, and who knows.

Kyrie Irving, likely ROY, could make a statement to the league and play his team into the playoffs (9th is more likely). Antawn has been playing good. Tristan Thompson is a nice piece. Hell, I'd take Anderson Varejao at center. Him and Udoh on the court could make for a nice defensive tandem. Udoh, I must say has impressed me with his developing post game. I remember watching games before and thinking to myself how could we have passed over Greg Monroe after watching Ekpe get punked in the post, but now I watch him and at times, he has hints of Hakeem Olajuwon in his moves, and I just cannot believe how effectively he can score in the post (and shoot the J). He hasn't had a training camp yet, or a preseason yet his offensive game has improved dramatically in just a year's time? How about 3 seasons from now? You know with his defense alone, that the front office wants him to be around. And I am now starting to think Ekpe could turn out to be the better player over Monroe. Sure, he'll never be the scorer that Monroe is, or the rebounder, or the passer, but Monroe will never be the defensive presence that Ekpe is. That part of his game is intuitive. Sorry, I had to praise Ekpe. I read too many comments about Udoh/Monroe.

Maybe Keith Smart can coach the Kings to .500 and prove all you haters wrong! The Kings really do have a lot of talent on that team. I'd kill to have DeMarcus at center for the Warriors. Just kidding... For the record, I am happy with Mark Jackson as coach, and fully believe in him.

Ok, New Orleans and Washington definitely won't be making any playoff bids and probably will have losing seasons. Charlotte I'm not sure even has a pulse, but that's irrelevant since we don't see them the rest of this season.

I'm not saying I hope we lose games, but I believe if we lose at least two of our games against New Orleans (one would be fine), and both of our games with Sacramento (at least one), and against Milwaukee, and New Jersey. I do believe we'd most likely have a lottery pick. Would we not? So maybe the future is really not so bad, although uncertain and obviously NOT GUARANTEED. There might even be a bright future ahead for this team. Yeah, I know, that's all I wanted to know. Just hoping to God for a draft pick. Sorry if you thought this post was too long (no need to comment). It continued to get longer than I would expect as I typed it. I'd appreciate your comments and answers. And thank you if you read this, or at least part of it.


Was too lazy to proofread the final post. Tired. Maybe I'll do it later. But probably not. I hope this is no inconvenience. And I guess indentations are pointless by default as well as spacing...

Also I hope we don't make any trades before the deadline. Unless the deal is schweeet.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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