Two Possible Trades

Hi All,

I am a long time reader of this Blog and frequent here many times a day to escape the daily grind. Anyways, this is my first post and I know I probably could not have picked a worse topic than potential trade ideas, but what the hell. I think if we could somehow pull off these trades we would make the playoffs this year as the 7 or 8 seed and two unload a lot cap if the trades failed.

Trade 1:

Warriors Trade To Atlanta:

Monta Ellis

Atlanta Trades to Warriors:

Josh Smith

Note: We would probably have to throw in some younger talent like Jeremy Tyler to sweeten the deal, but I think it might still be worth it. And this trade is not an original trade idea (I am not claiming to magically construct this deal).

Why Warriors Make the Trade:

We finally get an extremely athletic play who can fill many positions, plays tremendous defense, and rebounds. Also, this is the best trade we can probably get for Monta in terms of trading a small for a big. I know many Monta supporters will say that this is not a fair trade and we are not receiving equal value, but the truth is shooting guards are a dime a dozen. It is much easier to draft or make a trade for a shooting guard than it is to obtain a big man via free agency or draft (just look at Patrick O'bryant, Andris Biendris, Jeff Foster, ...Todd Fuller).

Now the next complaint to refute which is Josh Smith and David Lee play the same position. Please see trade #2.

Trade 2:

Warriors Trade To Boston:

Steph Curry

David Lee

Dorell Wright

And Expiring contract of Kwame Brown

Boston Trades to Warriors:

Rajon Rondo

Paul Pierce

Now I am sure a lot of the community may be against this trade since we have supposedly turned down a Curry for Rondo trade already, but hear me out.

Why Warriors Make This Trade:

We trade away our franchise player who is injury prone for a proven All-Star in Rajon Rondo. Guys, we have not had an All-Star since Latrelle Sprewell (1997) and we would be acquiring two in this trade (granted one is declining due to age). Rajon Rondo might be a head case, but I think he will flourish under Mark Jackson with his pass first mentality and hard nosed defense.

Imagine the defensive lineup we could throw out there:


You cannot tell me that would not be one of the better defenses in the league, albeit a little undersized.

And then on offense or our projected starting line-up:


Sure we get an aging paul pierce, but he has only two years left on his contract and we would be able to get rid of David Lee's contract. And if Josh Smith didn't work out in the trade above, he is a free agent next year and we just cleared cap space. At the worst, these are cap space deals that give us the potential to rebuild and at the best we could make the playoffs as a 7/8 seed this year and maybe a 4/5 seed next year (assuming no injuries and resigning of Josh Smith).

Why Celtics Make the Trade:

They get younger and a great piece to build a franchise around in Step Curry. Also, they could still be competitive with adding David Lee and Dorell Wright coming off the bench. This would be the complete remodel Danny Ainge may be looking for with getting rid of a supposed head case in Rondo and an aging, expensive, talent in Pierce. Plus, he would have the expiring contracts of Kevin Garnet (i think he's in his last year) and Kwame Brown.

What do you think? Both Trades work in Trade Machine.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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