Is it time for the NBA to 'Re-Think' the Draft?

As suggested by Sleepy, I thought I would start a topic to discuss the possible alternatives systems for the Draft, as it appears that the current system could possibly encourage a team to deliberately lose in order to improve their draft position.

As I mentioned in my post in Sleepy's latest Tank update, if there is ever suspicion of a team team deliberately losing in order to gain advantage in the Draft, this approach enters some very 'murky' waters of possible match-fixing and intention to defraud a season ticket holder of their right to see their team do all that they can to win.

I am not saying that the Warriors are currently doing this, however the very structure of the draft as it stands, might tempt a team to consider it, especially if the fan base appears to be in agreement that boarding the mighty 'TANK' with commander Tank in charge of a group of 1st Batallion Tankballers to achieve the title of worlds finest 'Tankers'.. (no that is not cockney rhyming slang for something else) ;) might be a good thing?

So is there an alternative system that could established whereby the draft does not reward short term losses, but takes a different view?



Lets Discuss below.....

Firstly, I have never been one much for losing... Irony huh? Being a Warriors fan and all that, but no seriously... I like to win, I like to see my sports teams do their very best to win and I like someone who thinks 'we can win'.

However...I also appreciate that we really need a game changing piece from the draft, or the ability to trade some quality draft talent for one or two very good known NBA assets and this is where the 'Tank' movement comes in and the desire to lose games in order to win in the draft....if you get my meaning.

So what other choices are there?

A pure draft Lottery??



While this takes away the need for teams to have to lose in order to get a good draft option, it also runs the risk of a good team getting a good draft prospect and as Sleepy pointed out, the Oilers in the NHL have taken top spot for the last 3 years? Something all self respecting Stern conspiracy theorists would be calling Dan Brown about for a new novel!

So what can we do?

I actually applaud the draft structure in principle, in that it aims to give weaker teams the chance to get a quality player that might change the franchise... The likes of a Rose, Durrant, etc.

But how could the fanbase of every team, get even more from their Season tickets, more entertainment from their team and most importantly, the ability to get a position in the draft based on winning rather than losing...

Here is my idea: DRAFT PLAYOFFS



I personally like the playoffs structure and see no reason why you cannot have a 'Draft Playoffs'. This would involve all the teams who are not in the main NBA title playoffs, the games would occur on nights when main Playoff games are not due to take place and the winners of the draft 'Playoffs' would gain the 1st pick in the draft, losers of the final get 2nd place, etc downwards.


It forces teams to continue to win to try and either reach the main playoffs, or to get home court advantage for the 'Draft Playoffs'. It also enables all players to play for the exact same length of season as they will play in either the draft or main playoffs and most importantly, the fans who have bought season tickets, are rewarded by their teams by having their seats during draft playoffs, without extra charge (so no may not suck more money from people, instead they get free games as reward for your teams sucky performance during the year).

While I appreciate there are some teams that might be a bit stronger than the truly weak and therefore the draft pick may not go to the weakest team as it was designed, due to the weakest team not being able to win the draft playoffs...however, there is not a huge gap between the worst teams as shown by the records this year and every team can up its game for a 'playoff' run.

So what are your thoughts???

Do you hate rooting for a loss in order to gain position in the draft? What other ideas do you guys have that could be an alternative to the battlebus known as ... THE TANK!


via (Great pic from Adam Francis at Raptors HQ)

Discuss below..........

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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