NBA Draft talk

There has been quite a bit of Tank talk lately and the reason for that is obviously the draft. First off, Warriors keep on sucking and get that top 7 pick, that would be fantastic. That pick though is not the focus of this Fan post. The focus of this post is the 1st rounder that will be in the 24-27 range. The question is who should the Warriors get and why?

Here are some of the prospects that are projected to be around that area according to, these descriptions are from that website and I take no credit for them

Royce White

6'8 Forward 249lb Iowa State

NBA Comparison: Anthony Mason/Boris Diaw

Strengths: Super-intriguing prospect with lottery-level tools and talent ... Thick, powerful and intimidating frame ... Aggressive athlete that likes to attack the rim ... Possesses great speed for someone his size ... Runs the court extremely well, especially with the ball in his hands ... Doesn't have a problem with pulling down a defensive rebound and then leading the fast-break himself ... Remarkable ball-handler ... Doesn't have the loose dribble that a lot of other taller players have ... Sharp crossover that becomes deadly when he picks up some speed ... Passing ability rivals a lot of point guard prospects ... Good awareness of where his teammates are on the court and skilled at delivering the ball to them in a position to score ... Strong area rebounder ... Boxes out well ... Respectable mid-range shooter ... Has the strength and quickness to be an excellent scorer in the post ... Should be an incredibly difficult player to matchup against ... Won't be a great shot-blocker, but has all the tools to defend power forwards well in the NBA ... Led his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks during his freshman season ...

Weaknesses: Overall scoring ability is very unrefined, though he's technically still a freshman so you have to allow him some leeway there ... Is not a good long-range shooter ... Shot under 50% from the stripe, which is a major problem considering he spends so much time in control of the ball ... When he picks up a lot of momentum (either in transition or in isolation) he can become very turnover prone ... Conditioning has been a concern ... Is not a true freshman; will be 21 years old by the 2012 draft ... Has had a number of off-court problems in the past, but reports indicate that his attitude has improved greatly ... Was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in high school, which could lead to any number of problems at the next level and has been mentioned as a major cause for concern by a number of scouts. He has had trouble flying and a report surfaced that he chose to go to Iowa State and not Baylor because he didn't want to fly there. ...

Overall: White is a high risk/high reward prospect if there ever was one ... His development will have to be handled very carefully by whichever team drafts him ... If he's selected by a team that is willing to both be patient and let him play to his strengths, then he very well could be the steal of the draft ...

Doron Lamb

6'4 SG 200lb Kentucky

NBA Comparison: Marcus Thornton

Strengths: Highly efficient offensive player (50% FG) with an old school style ... Assassin-like scorer (16.5 PPG) in the "crafty" mold ... The mid-range game is his natural comfort zone, but his three-point aptitude has been a revelation (49% as freshman, 52% as soph) ... His jumpshot mechanics are clean and he gets solid elevation ... Shows the ability to put the ball on the deck with either hand, and his aggression level is on the uptick (4.5 FT attempts) ... His go to move off the dribble is a cross over + step back to create space for a mid-range J ... Plays at a controlled pace in congruency with his calm and cool demeanor (0.5 TO) ... No wasted emotional energy on the court ... Shot selection is no longer a concern, as he stays within his role in the offensive structure and doesn't force opportunities ... Extremely active trying to get open off the ball ... Utilizes screens effectively and has a quick trigger in catch and shoot situations ... Defensive effort is a staple ... Makes up for lack of size with tremendous length and moves well laterally ... His projected role at the next level is already defined: a knock down shooter with well rounded skills and the ability to handle if necessary ... Also shows the versailtiy to play the point position in spot duty as he did as a freshman backing up Knight as well as in High School at Oak Hill ...

Weaknesses: Despite his ability to score the rock, the fact remains that he's caught between positions ... He lacks the playmaking ability (1.6 assists as fresh, 2.8 as soph) to handle the point guard spot full time, and the size/strength to effectively defend NBA two's ... Remains a shoot first, shoot second, create third guard ... He's added weight, but must get stronger ... While Lamb is a smooth athlete, he has no eye popping tools ... Explosive lift and extreme quickness are not part of his repertoire ... Not overly inclined to attack the bucket or finish at the rim ... Will struggle to get his own shot against premiere athletes, reliant on an offensive set or someone to create for him ... A complimentary part on a winning team, similar to his current role at Kentucky ... Doesn't have the personality or elite physical gifts to take over a game ...

Andrew Nicholson

6'9 PF St. Bonaventure 225lb

NBA Comparison: Craig Brackins

Strengths: A versatile power forward with a high basketball IQ … While he only has decent size for his position, his tremendous length allows him to play much bigger … Extremely efficient scorer, he has made himself into a reliable inside threat (shows a nice mini hook over his left shoulder, is able to utilize an effective up and under and is also dangerous with a turnaround jumper) … Possesses an intriguing face up game, he has good quickness and regularly shows his ability to work off the dribble … He always had the ability to step out and shoot with range, but became a deadly option from beyond the arc during his final 10 collegiate games (he made 19/30 from long range during that time)… For a big man, his stroke is very smooth, he shoots the ball with good balance and is able to get good lift … He is a dangerous weapon setting screens on the ball as he loves to step out on pick and pop situations and is good at attacking the rotating defender because of his ability to sell the shotfake and then put the ball on the deck … Exceptionally good at moving without the ball, reads space and finds the openings in the gaps … During the 2nd part of his senior season, they ran him off staggered screens because of his ability to get open and knock down jumpers … Solid rebounder on both ends of the floor thanks to his length (but will need to attack the glass on a more consistent effort at the next level, as he won’t be able to get away with coasting like he did at times in college) … Very good shot blocker, has good timing and is aggressive coming from the weakside to contest shots … Has become consistent and reliable from the free-throw line …

: Even though his body has improved during his collegiate career, he needs to continue working on it … He still lacks the bulk and upper body strength to consistently battle inside and he has a hard time establishing low post position against stronger players … Gets bodied and coerced into off balance shots … Good, but not a great athlete … His motor is a bit of a question mark, he has a tendency to take plays off on both ends of the floor and especially down the stretch of games … A bit selective as far as running the floor in transition … His condition must also improve as he has looked winded in the 2nd half of games … Turnover prone, he is not a great passer, especially out of double teams … Struggles operating in traffic and has a tendency to attack and spin into help defenders … Needs to continue adding more pieces to his low post repertoire, especially counter moves going to his left hand …

: After not getting off to the start many expected for his senior season, he ended his career on a high note, playing extremely well down the stretch and especially in the A-10 conference tournament while leading his team to their first NCAA Tourney appearance since 2000. While displaying more tenacity and an improved skill set during this time, his ceiling is very high and he still has room to grow, making him a very intriguing prospect.

Tony Wroten

6'5 Guard Washington 204lb

Player Comparison: Tyreke Evans

Strengths: A super athletic 6’5” lefty combo with a finesse game that is under control and spectacular at the same time ... Wroten shows a great eye for the court overall, finding open teammates with creative skip passes, and one-handed lasers to cutters who seem to simply be in the right place for Tony’s passes, instead of the passes being in the right place for their intended players ... He uses his athleticism by helping out on the offensive boards, scooping up loose balls, playing hounding defense and being a general terror on the court ... He picks his spots for his own offense, spending most of his possessions looking for teammates, yet he can rise up and dunk on you with authority if you’re not careful ... Wroten’s most notable skill, however, is his ability to change directions and show great body control ...Physically he is very quick to adjust, whether he’s trying to rise up for a rebound or when attacking the basket ... Teams often attempt to be overly aggressive with Wroten and he has shown that he doesn’t back down. Shows a high level of intensity when he's interested ...

Wroten can certainly shoot, but it’s unclear how consistent he is, and whether he has range to be a threat as a shooter. He shied away from shooting it on a number of occasions with the game on the line in Vegas during summer of '09. Is he unselfish to a fault? His game is a little bit more finesse than power, which will be tested at higher levels of play by rough teams ... He could be helped out by another 15 lbs. of muscle to withstand contact better ... Besides this there isn’t a whole lot to complain about with this kid ... His defense is solid, his offense is superb, especially when facilitating team play, and he can even take over a game ... The only thing that’s unclear is how good this kid can become ... Granted he was already a highschool superstar a year ago, but he hasn't grown (physically) or developed (his game) a great deal in the past year, causing some to lower his ranking ... He has the potential to be a superstar on future levels, but it’s never a given that players with this kind of talent will reach stardom ... If he was a few inches taller, he would be closer to can't miss. Time will tell for Wroten.

Mason Plumlee

6'10 PF Duke 234lb

NBA Comparison: Yi Jianlian

Strengths: Mason Plumlee looks the part of a physically gifted PF prospect that NBA teams covet at 6’11 235 … He’s also a great athlete, with very nice fluidity, leaping skills and explosiveness … Plumlee is a still developing offensive player, who shows flashes of being able to face-up as a triple threat and post down low … He’s a very good catch and finish player, who also is a good partner in the pick and roll game with his PG due to his athleticism and quick leaping skills … Runs the floor like a deer … Has a developing jump hook with both hands, and shows flashes of a turnaround jumper too … Good passing skills from the high post when facing the basket … Functional ball-handler who can utilize 2 straight line dribbles to get to the rim and finish if left open … Has a good first step for his size and long strides … Plays with a solid motor, and rarely watches the ball on offense and does a good job of always being in motion … Not a bad area rebounder on either end of the floor … Also shows pretty good shot-blocking skills ...

Weaknesses: Although he has nice size for the position and is physically impressive, Plumlee needs more upperbody strength … He can be ineffective against physical bigs on both ends on the floor, and seems to lack toughness and determination … Often loses battles down low on D as bigger matchups often seal on him, and he can struggle to establish post position on offense … Even though he has the tools and physique to be a face-up PF, his face-up skills need a good deal of polish all-around for him to be truly effective … His post game also needs polish, as he doesn’t read the defense very well at all and doesn’t get in and out of his counters quickly when his initial move gets cut off … Doesn’t handle help D naturally, and commits turnovers or forces shots in those instances … Doesn’t show alot in terms of instincts and awareness on the defensive end, and PF’s had their fair share of good games against him and the Duke frontline thus far in his career … Right now, Plumlee is more intrigue than production, but he does have untapped potential ...

Overall: Mason Plumlee’s physical tools, athleticism and budding skill level makes him an interesting prospect … His lack of great production, toughness, strength and defensive awareness are the main things holding him back from reaching his potential … He has time and potential on his side, as well as developing time with Duke’s staff …

Fab Melo

7'0 Center Syracuse 255lb

NBA Comparison: Dan Gadzuric

Strengths: Entering his freshman year at Syracuse, Fab Melo is a true 7 foot center with great length... He has better than average footwork for a young center his size at this part of his career ... With nice mechanics and a comfortable feel, he has a promising mid range jumper, that if made on a consistent basis will prove to be a deadly weapon moving forward considering his length and release point ... He's a capable passer out of the post ... Positions himself well underneath the basket, making himself an easy target for entry passes, and the number 1 candidate on the floor for offensive rebounds and putbacks ... His wingspan, combined with his above average mobility for a 7 footer will make him a shotblocking force in the paint ... Has worked hard in the past year to shed excess lbs and tone his body ...

Weaknesses: Fab has the size and length you look for in a prospect at the center position, however he's raw and will need to work on every offensive aspect of his game ... He has some basic post moves, but the fluidity/explosiveness in his execution is too slow at the moment ...Will need to work on developing more in depth post moves to become more of an offensive threat ... He's not the greatest athlete, and can get lost in an offensive set as he adjusts to playing in a faster and more up-tempo game ...

Overall: Melo has all of the physical tools you look for in a center, he just needs to work on basic offensive skills and fundamentals ... Coach Jim Boeheim recently raved about him, saying he has possible "National Rookie of the Year potential"... I think in his freshman year we'll see him play a similar role as to what Hasheem Thabeet played a UConn, a defensive, shotblocking presence who once in a while will surprise you on the offensive end... He's lost 30 pounds over the last year, and will get minutes right away anchoring the center of the Syracuse zone defense ...

These are the guys that are around that range, I am not a big time college basketball watcher but I watch quite a bit. Of all these guys the guy I am rooting for is Fab Melo. He can be a great back up center in the league and if could develop any sort of offense he could be a starter. He will be block shots, play great defense and rebound. Larry Riley get this guy.

Now who do you all want and why?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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