Comparing this team to the We Believe Warriors

Tonight was an epic night in tanking - the Warriors somehow lost despite holding a seven point lead. This led me to think of one thing - the We Believe Warriors, who went 16-5 at the end of the season to make the playoffs. This team has gone 5-17 to make the draft lottery. See a similarity? Come with me while I make irrational comparisons between this team and the 2007 Warriors!

Andris Biedrins = Baron Davis


(click to open gif)

Baron Davis was a maestro on the court in 2007 - he would always find the open man and absolutely dominated on the offensive end. He was the playmaker of the team and made everything flow. Much like Baron, Biedrins is the leader of the tank. He only shoots hook shots, plays scared, and makes game clinching plays for the other team (like against Utah in that gif). Make no mistake, even though he is currently not on the court his bad attitude permeates the locker room and makes the other players more likely to tank.

Richard Jefferson = Stephen Jackson


RJ attempts to solicit a piggyback ride from David Lee

Like how Stack Jack became the primary ballhandler when Baron Davis was out, RJ has become the primary tanker now that Biedrins is out. And make no mistake - RJ has picked up the slack. He spends most of his time roaming the perimeter of the court, sometimes jacking up threes if he receives the ball. While Stack Jack's versatility was perfect for the Warriors, RJ's lack of versatility is perfect for the tank.

Dorell Wright = Jason Richardson


Hey, how did this picture get in here?

J-Rich and Dorell Wright are yin and yang. Light and dark. Left and right. Hanging toilet paper over vs. hanging toilet paper under., Jason Richardson was a very electric player who not only scored, but also entertained the crowd with his dunks. Similarly, Dorell Wright is a very unelectric player who makes fans cringe every time he tries to handle the ball. It is as if they were twins, separated at birth.

Nate Robinson = Monta Ellis


Monta Ellis perhaps had his best season when he was a member of the We Believe Warriors. He worked beautifully off the ball and had ridiculously athletic finishes at the rim. Nate Robinson, meanwhile, is possibly having one of his worst seasons as a pro. He is willing to chuck up shots at any opportunity in an attempt to put the team on his back, and more often than not he has shot his team out of the game. As such, he is the "Monta Ellis (We Believe version)" of the tank.

Mark Jackson = Don Nelson


Mark Jackson ponders about the meaning of life while waiting for crew to fix his microphone.

Remember when Don Nelson made innovative substitutions in order to beat the Mavericks? Much like Don Nelson, "Action" Jackson has also made several "innovative" substitutions, like leaving Klay Thompson on the bench as the Hornets came back against the Warriors. And let's not forget in the beginning of the year, when Biedrins was a "starter" who only played about 10 minutes per game. Despite some questionable moves, like playing David Lee 40 minutes per game, Mark Jackson has made his contribution to the tank.

Here's how the rest of the season plays out, similar to how the We Believe season played out:

1.) The Warriors get blown out 98-120 at home to the Spurs, and sneak in as the 7th seed after a coin flip. The Warriors keep their pick and don't sent it to Utah, which is sort of like Baron Davis posterizing Andrei Kirilenko.

2.) In an historic upset, the Warriors upset the heavily favored Charlotte Bobcats for the first pick in the draft

3.) Warriors pick Anthony Davis

4.) ???

5.) Warriors make the playoffs in 2013.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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