what i believe the warriors should do this offseason

1.) Draft Perry Jones III with 7th pick.

of course i'm assuming here that the warriors keep their pick. if stern believes he needs to send a message to the rest of the league on tanking he may intentionally have toronto leapfrog us or something along those lines, but for the purpose of the article i'll just leave out that possibility.

anyway, this pick is to give us athleticism, rebounding, and a good future starting small forward. PJIII was playing out of position at baylor and i think he'll be a good fit in our starting 5. plus, he and klay will make one of the league's biggest pair of wing players, standing at 6'11 (6'10.5 w/o shoes, by some reports). he runs the floor like a guard and has the raw physical ability to become a good defensive player.

2.) Trade up in the draft, nab Fab Melo.

i don't know off the top of my head which # each of our other 3 picks are, but i can tell you a team slotted in the early 20s should gladly move back 10 or so spots to get 2 other early second round picks, provided their an older team.

why do we trade up? because Melo isnt slipping by the Miami Heat, i can tell you that. some of you may prefer a different big man selection here, but this is basically to get some frontcourt depth. you cant teach height, and Melo is a legit 7 foot specimen. he can learn defensive footwork and shot blocking ability from bogut and refine his offensive game by working with lee. i dont expect him to some day become a starter, but it would be nice to have a reliable rotation of 7 footers.

3.) Retain F.A.s.

now comes the obvious: find ways to keep Rush and McGuire. rush is the priority, as he could be one of the better six men next year. they both bring great defense and hardnosed styles of play. this would solidify our bench. this may be made easier if we need to package dorell wright in the above trade to get fab melo, freeing up some chump change to throw around.

now, there is a third FA fans are more on the fence about resigning him. some seem to think nate robinson is more suited for the role as Curry's backup then charles jenkins. jenkins boasted a terrific assist/turnover ratio and had a smooth midrange game. nate the great brings to the table a gamestyle like a livewire, always great energy, but a lot more inconsistent and volatile. from my backup pg, i want a dependable floor general who i know what im going to get out of. fitz described nate as 'feast or famine', and thats pretty accurate. to me, i dont want to have to sub curry back in because nate made a boneheaded mistake and the other team is starting to pull away. charles over the littlest warrior here.

4.) Other freeagents, MLE Landry?

Right now the bench looks like:

Jenkins, Rush, McGuire, ______, Melo

Carl Landry of the N.O. Hornets is a unrestricted free agent. he has a dependable post game and not much else. with rush and mcguire as defensive studs, and melo being 7 feet tall (he's so big he has to get in the way even if he stands still), i see the need for another offensive weapon for our second unit being a bigger void to fill than another defensive minded big. Landry would give us a good rotation of undersized 4s who dont play defense!

5.) Demote the extras, develop the younglings.

i dont know if this can be done during the offseason, but i'd like chris wright and richard jefferson to be placed on the dakota wizards. with a landslide at the 3 spot, i see wright spending another year with the wizards. i see us keeping him around another year because hes just too athletic to not see if he can develop some skill. all year long i'd see if he and jeff could work together and develop his game. same goes for jeremy tyler, if we obtain landry on the MLE. last season the warriors were basically the (dakota) wizards, with playing time open to those who asked mark jackson pretty please with a cherry on top. this year, time on court will be harder to come by.


this is a pretty big offseason for the warriors. between the honeymoon period and now the lockout-shortened season, we really haven't been able to pass judgment on the new and improved front office. it doesn't have to go down exactly as ive said, but its make or break here. is it the start of a new era? we shall see.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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