List of Free Agent Big Men to Pursue

Myers, Riley and Lacob have all made it clear, more size is our priority this offseason. Although, for the first time in my lifetime, we have an actual legitimate playoff caliber starting frontcourt, our depth is a major question. We can't depend on the corpse of Biedrins, or Jeremy Tyler to be our back up bigs. Obviously, we can address the need for back up bigs more than one way like the draft or a trade. However unless we win the lottery, it's unlikely we'll draft a single big man who can help address the big-man depth need, and teams will be unlikely to trade us a legitimate rotation caliber big man, unless we part with a lottery pick, Curry or Klay, none of which I'm willing to do for a '3rd' big unless he's Lakers Lamar Odom-esque type productive. With all that said, follow the jump to my list of bigs, and comment on who you think is best fit.

I am limiting this list to plays who will be possibly attainable on MLE or smaller contracts (4 years/22 mil), so players like KG, Asik will not be on this list. The list has no specific order

1. Ian Mahinmi- Dallas back up big man who had a career high, 18.7 mpg, averaging 11.2 pp36 and 9.1 rp36 this year on .585 ts%. A career average of 12.9 pp36, 9.2 rp36 on .614 ts%. A strong finisher around the backet, long and athletic. What caught me off guard, was in Evanz Defensive Player of The Year According to A4PM the city blogpost, he actually ranked #10 on players between 1500-3000 possessions, right behind former Warrior defensive standout Ekpe Udoh and ahead of guys like Mbah Amoute and Kevin Garnett. Obviously, I don't think he's a defensive monster, but he is by no means a defensive liability. While not a great rebounder, he was a rebounding positive for Dallas this season, specifically a defensive rebounding one, compared to starter Brenden Haywood. He can play both the 4 and the 5, and is a competent 2 way player. At 26 years old, he'll likely command close to a full MLE.

2. Darrell Arthur- Restricted free agent back up for Memphis who missed 11-12 with a torn ACL. Arthur averaged a career high of 20.1 mpg in 2010-11 and posted his best offensive numbers of his career with 16.3 pp36 and a .534 ts%. However Arthur's real value came on the defensive end where he was a large defensive positive for Memphis in 2010-11. Concerns over his knee, will likely mean he won't command a lot of money. Depending how his rehab has gone and his mobility/athleticism looks, he might be worth a gamble.

3. Jordan Hill- A long athletic big man, who's found it hard to find consistent minutes for the Lakers since being traded. Still had a couple big games for the Lakers (the artest-OKC game specifically), and produced solidly for Houston. Posted career highs in rebounds (12.2 per 36) and averaged 12.7 pp36 on .522TS%. Not a great defender at this point, but he is a good rebounder with energy. Could be had for cheap.

4. Lamar Odom- A huge gamble. The talent is undeniable, but he's off his worst season of his career. Still, with the warriors having his closest friend on the stall, a players coach who is from NY like him, and being closer to home, in a less pressure filled situation, could get Odom back to his best play. If he can play at 75% of his Lakers level, he would be a steal at an MLE. But at 33, is he worth the gamble of multiple years?

5. Boris Diaw- Like Odom, a career enigma. When he's motivated and playing well (phoenix or currently with San Antonio) he's a big asset who can defend multiple positions, pass, spread the floor etc. He seems to have found a home in San Antonio with his high school friend, Tony Parker, but it remains to be seen how much San Antonio is willing to pay to keep him. A motivated Diaw, would undoubtedly be an asset, but if the only way to get him is by overpaying, will we get that player?

6. Marcus Camby- Near the end of his career, Camby is still a top rebounder and a quality defender. Signing Camby would not be a long term move, but depending how Tyler develops and who we draft, we might not need more than a 1-2 year player. Would instantly solidify the big man rotation, but at this point in his career, would he come to GSW over pursuing a championship?

7. Robin Lopez- Athletic 7 footer, who has largely been under-productive. At 24, there is room for improvement, and has shown flashes. A career .562 TS% and 14.4 pp36 is promising. His 8.2 rebounds per 36 and inconsistent defense is not. Clearly more of a center, he has played PF. In the event we draft a 3/4 tweener (like Terrence Jones), perhaps it's worth taking a risk on Lopez on a small contract.

8. Jared Jefferies- Knicks back up big man, has proven to be a very good defender, and a very poor offensive player for his career. The question becomes, since both our starting big men are good offensive players, is it such a bad thing to have Jefferies rotate in next to them and provide some defensive help? He's not worth an MLe, but partially half of one.

9. Brian Cardinal- Jerry West's finest work and would be the only player on the roster with a ring.

10. Jason Thompson- Sacramento King's big man who has played both 4 and 5. Career 13.8 pp36, 9.6 rp36 on .534 ts%, though it trended up to .558 this season. A big man who can spread the floor and play in the post with good size. An ok defender, who plays on an awful defensive team. One positive note, he's been a rebounding positive for them. His qualifying offer is 4.1 million, and I don't think he's worth a full MLE, so he's only attainable if the kings don't extend the offer, which (considering the Maloofs current finances) isn't entirely impossible.

11. Kwame Brown- We know what Kwame brings. Considering he made 7 mil last year, it'll likely take a full MLE to get him. It's possible considering the injury he might not get that offer though.

12. Kyrlo Fesenko- A defense first center who brings little on offense. Has size and toughness. Might be worth a gamble on a vets minimum

13. Greg Oden- Highest upside. Highest potential to dissapoint. Considering our current injury risks and luck with injuries, I'd prefer to stay away from him unless we can give him a minimum contract.


In my opinion, we need a player who can play with both Lee and Bogut. While adding another center would be nice, we have Biedrins, who if remaining in the 4th big man role averaging 8-10 minutes, can still give us enough. We need to look at players who can play both the 4 and the 5 and give us somewhere between 15-20 minutes next to both Lee and Bogut.

My picks would be Ian Mahinmi or Lamar Odom or Boris Diaw. The list isn't very appealing, so here's to hoping for some lottery luck!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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