Tank Victory!!

Yes, that's right, Polar is properly submitting a fanpost. I have several scenarios to impart upon y'all.

Scenario 1: draft for Memphis at 7. Then we go Biedrins Jefferson D Wright and all the picks for Gay and Speights. Why for us: solidify offense and help bench. Why for them: Save money while still being able to have a young standout to go with Conley Randolph and Gasol. Also stopgap at 3 in the meanwhile as Wright and RJ will thrive with two premier post threats.

Scenario 2: Curry Biedrins Jefferson Jenkins, 30th, 36th, 52nd to Wiz for Lewis and 3rd. Why for us: keep 7th, possibly trade down for point or find point in free agency and we'll have all the space next year while still having 3 current starters. Why for them:Wall can defend 2s while Curry busts Js all day off passes from Wall and Nene, then the following year our guys come off. Washington also could possibly trade up with all those picks, Blatche, Booker, etc. and keep their Vesely.

Scenario 3: To New York: K Walker Jenkins 30th 31st 36th 52nd. To Charlotte: 7th draftee (hopefully Tar Heel Barnes) Curry Biedrins. To us: Biyombo Shumpert Balkman. Why for Knicks: hometown point guards and 2nd rounders for depth. Why for Bobcats: they'll have a decent Carolina themed lineup including Curry, Henderson, Maggette, Barnes (or possibly Henson) and even Brand if they ship off Thomas. Too bad for them about the #2ness. Why for us: We can sign Nash and have a great lineup even before MLEs: Nash backed by Shumpert, Thompson backed by Jefferson, Wright (in this scenario I would get Gerald Green and MacGrady with MLEs), Balkman at 3/4 for defense, Lee backed by Tyler and Bogut backed by Biyombo. That's Spursesque depth.

Scenario 3a: straight Curry and Biedrins for Biyombo cuts over $9 million without involving the draft. Enough for Nash or alternatively, Kidd plus Nate. Still would have MLEs additionally.

Scenario 4: trade 7th draftee down for a point guard, then Curry Biedrins Jenkins 30th 36th and 52nd for Josh Smith. Why for them: can trade Teague (example: to New Orleans for 10th) or bring his speed off bench. Curry is good complement to Joe Johnson and Horford. Why for us: Josh Smith starts at 3 and backs up Lee at 4. Sign like Kidd and McGrady and have the player given us in the draft trade be a shooter; we will improve passingwise considerably.

Scenario 5: For his money, Iguodala can't shoot. In this scenario we would NOT obtain Iguodala.

Perry Jones should be picked 7 if we keep it, merely for his 3/4ness and athleticism. Regards from the home of the Heat, Swamptown, Powderland, USA. (aka Muffintops In Abundance, Million Idiot Assholes)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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