nicholas batum?

huzzah! the warriors kept their pick. i don't want to seem overly optimistic, but two decades from now, i feel like we'll look back and say, "Yeup, that was when the Warriors luck really turned around." anyway, now that we have the pick, we can explore our options more deeply. for the faction of the fanbase who believes we should trade our pick with a proven vet player (usually a 3), their favorite player seems to be iggy. unless the title of this post didn't give it away, i believe we should try and swing for nic batum. he would give us that defensive minded versatile 3 like iggy, but is also only 23 and would give us a young core of curry klay and nic to build around. his contract's up this year and i expect portland will resign him to something workable with us, somwhere between 8 to 12 million.

Step 1: Combine picks to move up

take our 30th, 35th and 52nd picks and trade them with the Celt's 21st. why do they do this? they need more youth and flipping one rookie for three is pretty good. the celts remind me of san antonio in that they're a well run organization. they should be able to find the diamond in the rough with three picks. this is the team that found greg stiesma from the d-league (i think... thats what i heard. that or drafted him. either way, they found a good solid shot blocker from nowhere). add in jeremy tyler as another young prospect, and an older team looking to let two HOF 30 year olds walk away in free agency this offseason is well on its way to rebuilding around rondo.

Step 2: Repeat step 1

now do the exact same thing using the #7 and #21 picks and add in a freshly resigned dominic mcguire (at a good 2 mil or less contract) for the #5 pick owned by the Sacramento Kings. why they do this? their biggest need, outside shooting, is solved with harrison barnes. i know the fanbase is thrilled at the prospect of combining DMC and Andre Drummond, but drum is an extremely unproven talent, and they dont need another bust. which is why i believe their management is looking to take what they need, which is barnes who is available at 7, probably. we could go more in depth in the comments on who we think will go where. they also get defense and a vet in the trade. really we could trade anyone who is not in our starting lineup they want. maybe jenkins for his work ethic or something.

Step 3: Execute the trade

now the final step. the #5 pick, D wright (expiring contract), richard jefferson??? (we'll get back to this)/jenkins if still there for Nic Batum. why do we do this? to round out our starting lineup. important part is to break down each component of what we're sending to portland. first off, the pick. it gives them 3 picks in the top 11, 2 in the top 6. thats really good odds for snagging a future star. with it, they could probably get drummond, PJIII, barnes, robinson, or any number of combos. point is, they'd be loaded with good players to surround aldridge. then there's the expiring contract, always valuable to any team. i dont know their roster top to down, but with three rooks (assuming they trade away their second rounders for future picks) they'll need some vet help to teach them how to operate as professionals. r jay could help them with this and hit a timely three on the court. minusing out the expiring contract from r jays 11 mil, and factoring in batum's salary, they wouldnt really be taking on any extra salary then the would be with batum on their team. if they dont want him, we could give him jenkins assuming we have him after the deal with sac town, their team need being point guard (or they could draft kendal marshal with one of their picks).


this probably wont happen, portland seems to like batum too much. but it would be good for us to get a third building block and give us some more length and defensive flexibility. currently only 1/5 of our starters play good d. if we get it up to 2/5, we can be halfway decent, as demonstrated by the knicks, with chandler/shumpert offsetting melo/amar'e not playing d. hopefully whoever we get will offset lee/curry (i count klay as nuetral... dont hate my optimism).

this is probably the most outlandish plan i've come up with but i really like nic batum. what do you think? still want iggy? think there's a better fit out there?

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