My Dream Scenario on Draft Day

After thinking of many different roads the Warriors can take on draft day, there's one I particularly like.The more I look at it, trading down might not be such a bad idea because there seems to be several intriguing prospects that should be available in the second half of the 1st round. Plus if trading down can equate to adding a solid veteran piece, it can prove to be vital in improving the Warriors playoff chances for next season. With that said, I think acquiring a player like AI from Philadelphia or Granger from Indiana will prove to be costly. Here's a trade idea that I like and I believe can benefit all the teams involved.

Boston Celtics Receive: Dorell Wright Hornets Second 1st Rounder (#10 Pick) Warriors Second 2nd Rounder (#52 Pick)

New Orleans Hornets Receive: Andris Biedrins Richard Jefferson Warriors First 1st Rounder (#7 Pick) Celtics First 1st Rounder (#21 Pick)

Golden State Warriors Receive: Trevor Ariza Emeka Okafor Celtics Second 1st Rounder (#22 Pick)

What I Like for the Celtics: There's a good chance that the Celtics will lose both Allen and Garnett this season which means that they will need to add several pieces around Rondo and Pierce to stay competitive. In this case they give up both their 1st rounders but get back one first rounder with a much higher selection. Here it would be more likely for the Celtics to find a starter quality player such as Sullinger. Add in Wright who can be a very good 3 point shooter addition to a team that without Allen will severely lack in that area. The 2nd rounder acquired could be used to take a chance on an athletic wing player.

What I Like for the Hornets: They take back less effective players in Biedrins and Jefferson but they are able to slash some salary and add even more intriguing young pieces through draft picks. Okafor will be owed about $14 million in the final year of his contract which the Hornets can be turned off by his recent injury issues. Ariza also had some injury issues this past season. By taking Biedrins and Jefferson over Okafor and Ariza, the Hornets save around $1.5 million this upcoming season and around $2.5 million the following. This extra cap space can help their efforts in reacquiring Gordon and possibly Kaman or Landry, plus adding another solid veteran piece isn't out of the question. The biggest favorable factor for the Hornets in this deal is that they are able to get a better second 1st rounder and also add an additional one. With the #7 pick, Lillard should be available who could be the Hornets PG of the future. With the #21 pick the Hornets can add a big man or take a chance on a guy like Royce White. Overall the Hornets lose some on veteran talent but can gain a lot in young talent which would make their future look very bright.

What I Like for the Warriors: By acquiring Ariza and Okafor the Warriors can solidify their rotation. Ariza can be slotted in as the starting SF and prove to be a solid upgrade over Wright. He has proven to be a very solid defender as well as a solid passer for a SF. His shot selection hasn't always been the best but hopefully with solid players around him that can improve along with his shooting efficiency. Okafor can be the 3rd big man for the Warriors and provide solid defense to go along with rebounding off the bench. There's some injury concerns with these guys but with not as many minutes played hopefully they wouldn't be an issue. As for draft picks, the Warriors go from having 4 to 3 which are the 22nd, 30th, and 35th selections. They lose a lottery pick, but they gain better veteran players as well having 3 picks that can result in very intriguing players. Possible selections for these picks could be the following: #22 Moe Harkness SF 6'8'' 210 #30 Evan Fournier SG 6'7'' 200 #35 Andrew Gordon PF 6'9'' 240

Overall I think this could be a win-win situation for all the teams involved including the Warriors. Along with this Draft Day I would like for the Warriors to resign Rush, McGuire, and the younger Wright. Chris Wright is an intriguing who could probably be signed for the minimum. McGuire might not be the shooter we would like him to be, but he can prove to be a valuable player to have at the end of our bench and he could possibly be had for around a 1 year deal for $1 million. As far as Rush, I think he proved that he could be a very solid 6th man. I'd hope they offer a 2 or 3 year deal, but hopefully under $4 million per year. Last move would be to add a veteran PG with the MLE. Jason Kidd could prove to be a solid choice if he can still provide solid play with reduced minutes. With a gameday roster of only 12, there can be several players that could be sent to the D-league to work on their game such as Fournier, Wright, Gordon, or Tyler. This is what my dream scenario would result in:

PG: Curry, Kidd, Jenkins SG: Thompson, Rush, Fournier SF: Ariza, Harkness, Wright PF: Lee, McGuire, Gordon C: Bogut, Okafor, Tyler

Like always, this dream scenario probably isn't that likely to occur but hey one can dream right? Please leave comments about your thoughts on this trade. Any modifications or is it not realistic at all?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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