A deal that makes sense for both teams......

So I've been reading about how Charlotte is looking to trade the #2 pick in the draft due to their lack of confidence in a franchise changing player being there, as well as their need to acquire more assets period. So I thought about what would be a good deal for both the Warriors and Bobcats to pull off and this is what I came up with.

Because I can't do the rest of the deal in the trade machine the entire trade would be as follows.

Warriors get #2, Thomas, Williams

Bobcats get #7, #30, DWright, RJeff, Tyler

Here is why I think this trade benefits both teams.

For Charlotte: Reports out of Charlotte are that they are not convinced that anyone available to them at the 2 is going to be a franchise changing player (I happen to agree with this logic). Even if there is a franchise changing player available at the 2, it's not likely they will be able to change this particular franchise. IMO it would be in their best interest to trade down, acquire more assets, and still draft a player at the 7 in this super deep draft. In the process of trading the number 2 pick, they come up with the #7, #30, and Tyler all young prospects that are cheap and give them the ability to evaluate some young talent. Super important in this deal for them they get rid of their worst contract in Tyrus Thomas who has 3 years left and has more than worn out his welcome in Charlotte. They also acquire Richard Jefferson who is a solid vet and a former all-star with plenty of experience to help mentor their young talent, and Dorell Wright who is also a solid vet in a contract year who has his next contract to play for. All in all, they get 5 players ready to give positive contributions to their team next year, while only having to trade down 5 spots in the draft and on top of that they get rid of their worst contract who is also a cancer to their team.

Charlotte next year: (guessing they draft Sullinger) However, you can make your own prediction of what they will do, my guess was based on need for a PF)

PG- Augustin/Walker

SG- Henderson/DWright

SF- Jefferson/Maggette

PF- Sullinger/Tyler


Let's also not forget that they have the 30th/31st picks in the draft which they could use to draft 2 more players to add to this list, or could maybe trade up to get a pick in the 20's. Maybe Boston would trade the 22nd pick for 30/31.

I think the Bobcats would be much improved with this lineup, and would have stockpiled a good amount of young talent. Add Jerry Sloan to this mix to coach all these young players and Charlotte all of a sudden doesn't look so bad. Don't get me wrong they are still bad.

For the Warriors: They do this trade because they want to draft MKG at the 2 who they think is the missing piece to the puzzle. The Warriors would have a solid PG/SG/SF core for years to come with Curry/Klay/MKG. They would also address their glut of 3's, glut of prospects, and add a backup 2 guard who has had success with the franchise. Unfortunately, they would have to take Tyrus Thomas in this deal, but maybe he could turn out to be semi-productive with a change of scenery and more of a winning culture (Weird to say that about the dubs).

Warriors next year:

PG- Curry/Jenkins

SG- Klay/Williams

SF- MKG/Rush

PF- Lee/Thomas

C- Bogut/Biedrins

I will admit our bench looks very suspect, especially our bench bigs. Don't forget though we still have the MLE, and picks #35, and #52. I do like the scoring potential of Williams and Rush off the bench, and I would love to get Kwame back at the MLE to back up Bogut.

What do you guys think?? Is it fair for both teams? Does it make sense for both teams? Is it a legitimate possibility?IMO yes/yes/yes!!!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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