What about the #30, #35, and #52 picks?

There's a chance that the Warriors will trade some of these picks but most likely they will still hold on to one or two of them. So what are some intriguing prospects that might be around later in the draft? Last year I was very happy to see that the Warriors drafted Charles Jenkins because he was one of the few players I really liked in the second round and so far he hasn't disappointed in his young NBA career. Here are players I like this year which might be available later in the draft, let me know what you think and if there are any others which you think might be good choices.


Tony Wroten Jr(#30)- Recently it seems more likely that he might slide down in the draft as his shooting deficiencies have become more evident through workouts. He might be worth a shot for the Warriors because if they resign Rush and acquire a veteran PG, Wroten would be given a chance to develop through practice and possibly the D-league. He has the size to be successful at PG or SG so he might be worth the risk.

Scott Machado(#35 or #52)- He probably has the most impressive stat sheet out of all the PGs in this draft. The thing is, he didn't do it against top level competition. His shooting greatly improved his senior year which added on to his play making abilities make him an intriguing prospect. There might be better options at #35, but at #52 he would be a solid pick.


Evan Fournier(#30 or #35)-This guy has been touted as the top international prospect in this year's draft yet his stock has lowered due to him suffering an injury and not participating in any workouts. He looks to have a decent shot but it still needs some improvement. Word is he wants to come to the NBA this year so he might be a good guy to develop in the D-league. Fournier is only 19 so he might take a while to develop, a good pick at #35 but if the Warriors like him enough might as well take him at #30.

Will Barton(#35)-On paper, this guy produced a lot better than several prospects ranked ahead of him. Physically he has good height for a SG but he's really, really skinny which turns off a lot of teams. Most PG's weigh more than him. If he had a little more weight to his frame he would probably be considered as a middle first round pick so if the Warriors can see past his weight issues he's probably worth a look at #35.


Kostas Papanikolaou(#35 or #52)- Another interesting international prospect. Unlike Fournier, Papanikolaou will have to stay overseas at least for another year. While he doesn't wow anyone with his athleticism, he makes up for it with his basketball IQ and high motor. #52 would be a good pick to stash away a foreign player but Kostas might have to be looked at #35 because he might not last that long into the second round.

Khris Middleton(#52)-He doesn't have a skill set that will jump out at anyone but if he's around later in the draft he can be a solid choice. He has length and is a solid mid range shooter, which if he can extend to become a solid three point shooter he can definitely help a team out. Doubt he'll ever be starter material but he could become a solid rotational player. Good value at #52.


Drew Gordon(#35 or #52)-This is a guy that if the Warriors are unable to draft a big man in the first round, would be a really good pickup in the second. He might not become starter material but I believe he will be a solid backup PF for years to come. He can rebound and defend a bit, plus he has a solid mid range shot so he can also contribute on the offensive end. Great pick at #52, might even be worth it at #35.

Furkan Aldemir(#52)- He may not be as intriguing as other international prospects but one thing he can do better than the others is rebound. As a PF in the NBA you would like for him to add some weight, he is young so he might be able to. He really can't do much other than rebound and defend but if he can translate that to the NBA there are several teams that could use him. At #52, getting a good rebounding big would be a good find.


Fab Melo(#30)-Not sure that he will last until the end of the first but he is very raw which might lead teams to take more developed players before him. He has great size which offsets his low basketball IQ and offensive skills at the moment. At the very least you would think he can become a solid defender and rebound just not sure how fast he would be able to contribute. Would seem like an easy choice for the Warriors at #30 if he's still there.

Festus Ezeli(#30 or #35)- He will probably be the last intriguing big C prospect available so he will be worth a look if the Warriors miss out on drafting one earlier. For his size he seems to be a good athlete who can be a great shot blocker but could work on his rebounding a little more. The argument can be made that he's just as good of a prospect as Melo. Would be a great choice at #35 and also at #30 if no higher talented player drops.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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