"The Next..." 2012 Edition

Figured I give my take on the projected lottery picks and who I think their career will most likely compare to. Feel free to list your comparisons.

Anthony Davis: Marcus Camby with a better looking jumpshot. I don't see him as a scoring machine in the pro's unless he really develops a strong post game, but his defense will never be questioned. Like Camby, he's super long, athletic, and can run the floor. I see him putting up 17-18ppg, 12rpg, 3bpg every year.

Thomas Robinson: Kenyon Martin/Antonio McDyess. Not sure, but he's kind of a blend between the two. Strong, NBA body, can bang. Smallish for a 4 but makes up for it with athleticism and hops. Decent jumpshot that has lots of room for improvement. Can easily be a 20 and 10 guy on the right team.

MKG: Michael Finley. I don't know, when I watch this guy play, his mannerisms remind me of Finley in his early days with an unpolished offensive game. He relies more on slashing than his jumpshot. But like most ppl have said, he's got a motor and seems to be more physically gifted than a guy like Kawhi Leonard who draws comparisons as well. He can probably give you 15-16ppg, 7 rpg and be your defensive stopper you put on a guy like LeBron.

Harrison Barnes: Glenn Robinson. His ceiling is definitely up there where he can be a perennial all-star and put up "Big Dog" type numbers. He's actually more athletic than Robinson was, as shown by his combine numbers. Worst case, he'll end up being like his other UNC alma mater, Marvin Williams.

Bradley Beal: John Salmons. I don't know what the hype is about this guy. Some are comparing him to D-Wade? Don't think so. He's a little undersized as a 2 guard in the NBA and he doesn't quite have the body and skills like Wade. I see a potential bust here if he goes top 5.

Damian Lillard: Rodney Stuckey. They say he's the best PG in the draft, but he seems like a 2 stuck in a 1's body. He's really a 2 with playmaking skills and tons of athleticism. Looks like a Rodney Stuckey mold but can morph into a Monta Ellis-type if his offensive game matures. He'll demand the ball alot like Brandon Jennings if he's put into the starting PG spot on whichever team he lands on. Oaktown, represent! I can see him avging 20-4-6 in the right system.

Andre Drummond: DeAndre Jordan. They might start calling him DeAndre Drummond because his game is remarkably similar to DJ. Raw, big, can plug up the key with his length and size, and will be on the receiving end of many lobs. His post game leaves alot to be desired and his FT shooting is hideous, but its the gamble a team takes that he will pan out and at least give you 10 and 10 a night, a few blocks and not foul out!

John Henson: Brendan Wright. Nuff said.

Tyler Zeller: I don't see him more than maybe a Nick Collison type. He shows a lot of hustle.

Dion Waiters: Poor man's Dwyane Wade.

Fab Melo: Ervin Johnson

Terrence Ross: Doug Christie

Austin Rivers: Doc Rivers...I had to. :P

Meyers Leonard: Chris Mihm

Agree...disagree with my comparisons? Can't wait for the draft in a couple days!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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