Jeremy Tyler, what to do with him and the backup C spot?

When thinking about big men, you can never be too focused on the present, but rather the near future. This is so because the general stereotype on big men is that they take around 3 years or so to really come out of their proverbial shell. So, unfortunately, their development does not come quickly at all and it requires much patience to watch it truly unfold. Such patience must be held towards Jeremy Tyler, the up and coming former rookie that the Warriors purchased from the Bobcats just this past year. During last year's season, he did show some great flashes; such as deft footwork, strong post moves, a sweet jumper, etc. Yet, with that being said, he still has MAJOR room for improvement. When looking at Jeremy's face, there seems to be a lack of fire and even worse, a sense of fatigue. In that regard it shows that Tyler must learn to take up basketball as if it was his child and train to his absolute breaking point so he can play without worry about his conditioning. In addition, his rebounding game was an absolute joke. Rarely did I ever see him box out or even make a slight attempt to go after the ball, once again, a questioning of his inner passion. So with these flaws in place, the Warriors are sort of at a stalemate. Do they keep on playing Jeremy as the back up center to see how he progresses (a rather risky move)? Or rather, do they get an experienced big man to replace him and let Jeremy go down to the D-league to progress as much as possible? Or even do something different from that?

Possible solutions:

-Keep J. Tyler as the back up center and let him develop his game

-Warriors bring back Kwame Brown for one more year, but for a way cheaper contract (maybe 2 million), and then put Tyler in the D-league.

-Warriors sign Illgauskas for one year (and for really cheap too), and bring Tyler in the D-league

-Trade down from 7th spot to around the 15th spot to draft Meyers Leonard, and let him compete against Jeremy Tyler.

-Trade down from 7th to around the 12th spot to draft Tyler Zeller, and let him compete against Jeremy Tyler

-Draft Festus Ezeli with the 30th pick and let him compete with Tyler

-Draft Kyle O'Quinn with 52nd pick and let him compete with Tyler

-Draft Robert Sacre with the 52nd pick and let him compete

---------------------------------Yes, I know, too many solutions. I'm just trying to keep all ideas open-----------------------------

Personally, I'd go with the low risk route and draft Kyle O'Quinn because even if he doesn't pan out at the backup center spot, he can serve as a great backup PF; and if worse comes to worse and he doesn't even make the team, it's OK because such a low pick was used on him.

Also, I am rather low on Fab Melo. When looking at his game, there are way too many flaws and he just isn't that fantastic at all. At the #30 spot, I would way rather see the Warriors get Ezeli. He simply is more athletic, way stronger, and has a way bigger upside.

Plus, I don't feel as if the Warriors should draft a big man all that high (like Zeller) because the Warriors have a more urgent need at starting SF and should invest their highest pick on that.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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