UNC vs. UK 12/3/11 - 1st half - Emphasis on Barnes' possessions

~19:50: Barnes can't get around MKG, so he passses to Zeller, who tries to pass it back outside. MKG tips the pass to Teague, who goes end-to-end for the score

But . . .

~19:34: After the inbounds, Strickland fires a great cross-court pass to Barnes, who was streaking down the other side of court. Barnes drains an open three on what is essentially a fastbreak. Very nice.

~18:50 - Barnes gets it to Zeller again, this time much deeper in the paint. Zeller doesn't recognize the (2 or 3) help defenders, and travels while trying to back down Anthony Davis. Hopefully not a preview of Zeller's NBA career.

~18:20: MKG steps back and banks in a long 2. Barnes, playing a soft D, doesn't get a good challenge to the shot. Maybe he was baiting him into it (not sure if MKG has that range).

~18:05: Barnes tries to set up for a post-up against MKG. Strickland's pass is very high (nerves at Rupp?), and ends up in Davis' hands. Barnes tries to break up the fast break but ends up with a sift foul on MKG, who gets an and1. 5-3 UK

~17:50: Barnes tries to drive on MKG again, but is cut off and tries a somewhat off-balance jumper near the free-throw line. On the ensuing possession, Henson stuffs Terrence Jones, but Strickland later allows Lamb to go right around him to the rim. 7-3 UK

~16:40: Not Barnes related, but Anthony Davis takes (and misses) a wide-open three. Why?

~16:35 : Barnes passes it down low to Zeller (again), but this time he draw a foul on Davis.

~16:05: Barnes moves well without the ball, and calls for it while open for 3, but Henson shoots (and scores on) a mid-range shot

~14:45: Marshall almost loses the ball in traffic, but Barnes moves to the top of the arc, and Marshall gets it to him for a nice three. 14-11 UNC

~14:10: Zeller turns it over in the paint (again). On the other end, MKG ends up elbowing Barnes in the face, knocking Harrison back. MKG then goes to the rim, only to commit a charge on Stirckland. Still 14-13 UNC

~13:45: Barnes looks like he's going drive, but he runs up against Anthony Davis, throws a not-so-great pass to Zeller, who puts up a bad shot. Barnes then makes up for it on the other end by blocking Lamb's layup attempt.

~13:15: Barnes tries to challenge MKG's drive, but they bump into each other and Barnes commits foul #2, and goes to the bench. Not a great defensive play.

~8:50: MKG is fouled by Hairston and is shaken up, grabbing his shoulder. He get up, but goes to the bench just in case. Barnes come back in the game.

~8:20: - Strickland with a nice drive-and-dish to Zeller, who dunks it. 28-20 UNC

~8:15: - Barnes plays too far off Darius Miller. Despite fighting off a screen attempt by Terrence Jones, Barnes doesn't contest as well as he could have if had been closer to begin with. Miller hits a three.

~8:10: Zeller with the nice high-arcing shot over Davis. Barnes draws away a potential help defender to the arc. Nicely designed by Roy Williams (or maybe a heads-up play by Barnes)

~7:30: Barnes shoots a step-back long two on Miller. Not a great shot, but Zeller is there for the offensive rebound.

~7:30: Barnes comes up court quickly after a rebound, then cuts from the left of the arc towards the middle. Three Kentucky defenders are near him. Barnes fakes like he's about to drive, while Bullock draws one defender away into the paint. The middle defender moves back to stop the drive, while the 3rd defender is too late to stop Barnes from shooting a nice fadeaway that looks like it's for 3. Barnes apparently drags his foot on the line as it's a two, but a great move and shot. 34-25 UNC, UK calls timeout.

~6:20: MKG grabs a rebound and starts running up court. Barnes can't get in front of him, but tries anyway, committing foul #3 in the process. Almost a mid-court version of his 2nd foul, except worse. On replay, it looks even worse (Barnes just bumps into him). 34-27 UNC

Despite Barnes' early 3rd foul, UNC led 43-38 at the half.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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