A plan for this year and the future

Let's assume for this post, that we cannot trade the #7 for Iggy. I think that is a gimme for us, but I don't see the 76ers doing it.

My first move would be to trade with New Orleans for Okafor. Personally, I don't know why New Orleans does not want Okafor because with Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon, and Emeka Okafor should have a shot at the playoffs. Now, how available Okafor is debatable(whether they will give 10th pick to get rid of him). If so insistent on moving him, I think they may take moving from 10 to 7 and the 35th pick to exchange Biedrins and Okafor. Besides the draft improvement, they would receive significant cap improvement by saving about $6 million over 2 years.

7th, 35th, and Biedrins for 10th and Okafor

For more rumors on Okafor's availability

"Shaun Powell: Hornets will entertain offers for 10th pick if someone also agrees to take Ariza or Okafor contracts. Twitter"

Why we do it: With Bogut and his health history, we would be wise to get a suitable backup that can allow us to limit his minutes. Bogut and Okafor would make a great center tandem.

Why they do it: They are planning on dumping Okafor, one way or another. This gives them extra assets and I am sure they could get someone to take Biedrins for the #7.

The Second trade is with Minnesota: We trade #10 and Dorell Wright for Derrick Williams and the 18th.

Why we do it: Derrick Williams based on college performance in this draft would be a top #7 pick. The only thing that his rookie year proved is that he is not a 3. As a backup 4 at so low a price, I am sure that he will have far more success.

Why Minnesota does it: Minnesota is reportedly shopping Williams, with the idea that they need to get a veteran 3. Dorell Wright fits their team perfectly. He is adequate defensively and can hit open 3s. They can also draft a good 2 with the #10. They can probably get Jeremy Lamb. A starting 5 of Rubio, Lamb, Wright, Love, and Pekovic is pretty good.

At #18 we draft the best 3 available. It is probably Quincy Miller with his ridiculous 9'1" standing reach. If taken, we could probably take Moe Harkless or Jeff Taylor.

At #30 we take Kyle O'Quinn. With a dominating performance, Kyle O'Quinn shows he could raise his game when it matters and his ridiculous 9'3.5" standing reach will provide what Melo or Ezeli are expected to, but O'Quinn was a far superior rebounder.

Honestly, it probably does not matter what we do with our other 2nd rounder whether a backup point or stash a Euro. If we re-sign Rush and sign Andre Miller, Jason Kidd, Aaron Brooks, or Kirk Hinrich with MLE that gives us a hell of a team.

PG Curry, (Miller/Kidd/Hinrich/ Brooks), Jenkins

SG Klay, Rush

SF Jefferson/Rush/ (Q Miller/Harkless/J Taylor)

PF Lee, D. Williams, Tyler

C Bogut, Okafor, O'Quinn

These trades give us hopefully a 3 and 4 for the future, while giving us one of the best big men rotations in the NBA.

Emeka Okafor, Derrick William, (Quincy Miller/Harkless/J Taylor), and Kyle O'Quinn (I think we can be safe getting him at #30) for Dorell Wright, Andris Biedrins, #7, #30, #35.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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