Summer League Diary Part 3.(I know what you did this summer)

(Ok I have an apology to dish out in advance to those who are expecting the ups and downs of day 3 in the summer league. It's still here but just in a lesser quantity. I've instead decided to delegate some of the time and space to a few other topics)

1. Those Big Men.

The Summer League for me so far as been quite a bit about the big men since all the high draft picks that have been on show have been C or PF's. With the 3rd day it was like it all came together for some big men while others just leave you wondering what the hell is going on(Take a wild guess at who that guy is). I'm gonna talk about 4 main men in Enes Kanter, Miles Plumlee, Andre Drummond and Cole Aldrich. While Kyle O Quinn could be put into this conversation I want to talk about these 4 for now. First off on day 3 all 4 of these players managed at least 10 points and 5 boards. Now each one of these players has had varying degrees of success so far from the horrific(Cole Aldrich) to the consistent(Enes Kanter).

Let's start with Kanter. Against Orlando today he managed a double-double with 12 boards and 11 points. Considering that was against Kyle O Quinn who is quite frankly the toughest competitor at this Summer League it's pretty good. So far we've not seen one singular rebounder that racks them up at a consistent rate and it's something that Kanter really needs to show that he can establish his presence on the glass. I'm not bothered with the lack of blocks because I know the defense is their it's more the rebounding that I want to see more of out of him. Speaking of defense it's time to talk about Cole Aldrich and Andre Drummond. It's incredible to watch both because both seem to have the uncanny ability to go into sudden coma's midway through the game and allow their opponent to go off on them. Look at the Thunder vs Pistons game and you'll see it. Drummond took care of business in the first half while Cole Aldrich did his best Kill Bill in a coma impression. And then 2nd half it seemed Drummond gave his all in the process of not giving anything at all. I promise that last statement makes some sense. In all fairness the less I say about Drummond I think is better for all of us because quite frankly I can't understand what is happening with him. I mean the word that springs to mind with Drummond is mercurial. And that's just something you don't want to have a starting center.

Now onto the guy that I gotta say I'm warming too more then any other player and that's Miles Plumlee. I can't stop thinking whenever I see him and he's David Lee waiting to happen. Mabye not the production type David Lee but the skill set is very hard not to compare to Lee. He has a great post game which is only going to get better and his rebounding skills are good enough right now for him to slot in at the Pacers PF position alongside Roy Hibbert. Does he have flaws? Sure. He's not exactly the best defender and suffers against more athletic big men but he's gonna find a way to scrape by on defense.

2. How is Austin Daye not a starter?

Let me put it like this. Austin Daye is the best defensive player that the Summer League will most likely see. Not only that but he's a good scorer and great rebounder. He's Tayshaun Prince 2.0 but SO MUCH CHEAPER. Listen Daye's been playing second fiddle to Prince for the last couple of years but it's now time to cut ties and the contract with Prince and give Daye who is clearly ready for a NBA starting job the reigns at SF.

3. Can Dwight Howard be blamed for wanting out of Orlando?

Ok time to step away from the summer league for just a second. Regardless of Dwight's handling of the situation with his coach and with the Magic in general but in all fairness the Orlando front office has somehow managed to pull a ''GSW''* on the Magic's potential championship years. I mean they constructed a team that was basically Dwight in the paint and everybody else shoots 3. I mean the second best player on that team was Jameer Nelson. JAMEER NELSON. You don't win titles with Jameer Nelson as your second best player. Oh wait there's more. They gave Rashard Lewis that 100+ million contract. They also paid Hedo the contract that is now pretty much untradeable. And to add cherries to this poo pie they got their hands on 15 million of Jason Richardson. Now put yourself in Dwight's shoes. You see all this happen. Tell me you don't want out of Orlando.

4. Warriors Summer League questions.

With the Warriors game coming up today I thought it would be worth putting a few questions to you guys to see what you think.

1. Do you start Tyler over Ezeli?

Personally I think this is a yes. The more playing time Tyler gets the better and this is the time he NEEDS to shine. I say you give him the reigns and tell him it's his spot to lose and have Ezeli come off the bench as a defensive presence.

2. Do you play Draymond Green at PF or SF?

I say give him the PF slot and have a front court of Green,Barnes and Tyler. Let's give him a chance to prove that a 6'7 PF can make a living in the NBA.

3. Considering Klay Thompson has just finished playing with the U.S Select Squad, should he be starting at the Summer League?

I'm sorely tempted to say yes because him and Jenkins in the back court is a very nice looking combo to have but considering he's already been playing i'd give him a 6th man role for the first couple of games and then start him for the rest.

4. Jarret Jack is a plus. Not a minus.

I don't actually know how people can somehow equate getting rid of a small forward of whom we had plenty of in favour of acquiring a rather talented back-up PG for close to the game as a loss. I mean Jack gives us a certain sense of security at the point that we didn't have before. Now if Curry does go down it's not a massive step down to Jenkins or Nate. This is a plus people I promise you that

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