Wonderful article on Klay Thompson

Came across this really encouraging article:

The article quotes several stars in the game that Klay got to go up against in Team USA practices, and it's really great to hear positive opinions, FOR ONCE, about a young guy that the Warriors have drafted, instead of the usual talk about how the guy is a bust.

Some of the thoughts about Klay from the article:


"I like Klay. I think he's got one of the brightest young futures in our game," James said. "With his ability, the way he can shoot the ball and make plays, and with his size, Golden State's really got something in him."

Really impressive to me that James took notice of his play and praised his future...shows that Klay still has room to grow and will only get better.

Deron Williams:

"He just knows how to play the game of basketball," Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams said. "I think he's going to be special as the years go on. As a rookie last year, I thought he made a great impact. He'll continue to get better."

Shows that fellow players were actually taking notice of how well Klay played as a rookie. I bet Klay will take these words as motivation to keep grinding and keep getting better. Getting respect and props from your peers is really motivational, and Klay doesn't seem like the kind of guy that is going to rest on what he's got right now. He talks about wanting to add a floater, runner, etc., which reminds me of a guy like Kobe that tries to add something new to his game each year. Hopefully Klay goes at a steady pace, and doesn't try to do way too much at once. He will surely have his struggles as a young player, and guys taking notice will also mean they will try defending him harder (ala Jeremy Lin last year after Linsanity burst out). But the future seems bright for his game, and it looks like we actually made a wonderful pick last year. Loved his game out of college, and his personality and drive have been great revelations.

Another interesting side note that came into mind reading these quotes is that, if he develops into a star, it can lead to free agents wanting to come play with him, especially when we make the move to San Francisco. Let's see what the future holds.

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