What have we seen so far?

What have we seen so far from our beloved Warriors on the court in the Summer of 2012?

Besides the several, "that kid can REALLY shoot" displays that we were graced with by 2nd-year SG klay Thompson there have been several other signs that the ship is starting to see the brighter side of the Bay. Harrison Barnes for one, who just proudly tweeted, "3-0" in reference to his new team has shown everyone that the Warriors got a steal and #7. Several analysts have heralded such claims about Barnes including most recently the great Dick Vitale who said the Warriors got have a star in Barnes. Yes, he has been shaky at times most recently seen in tonight's struggle against the Heat, but its how you react and persevere under such situations that really shows what you are capable of.

Barnes, a player who was always criticized for not "taking over" games luckily will not have to worry about that tag playing alongside the likes of Curry, Klay, David Lee, and Bogut, what he needs to improve on is his ability to create for himself as well as others. He has not done a brilliant job at this thus far, but you can see he is attempting to. In the first game he and Klay were playing hot-potatoe at times getting the ball back to the other for the open look and rare miss. Barnes is also a guy who never puts his head down to dwell and is always moving forward and sticking to his game. Confidence in a young player is key.

My other giddy factor about the Warrior's rookie class is Festus Ezili. A guy who can bang and has a nice/long college resume that he brings with him. The kid, who am i kidding, the man just looks like he belongs on an NBA court. I was astounded by his size and defensive presence in college against the likes of Anthony Davis, but seeing him next to other "NBA bodies" he doesn't have to try to stand out, he just does, Also, the most overlooked fact about the kid is he has only been playing organized basketball for 5 years so who really knows what type of ceiling he may have. Plus with Bogut/Lee the interior offense is already there, now here is the toughness that Warrior-nation has long been asking for.

Draymond Green. Does he have an NBA body? Does he have the quickness? Where does he play? Respectively to all three? Yes. Yes, Who cares? As long as he is on the court. News spread fast; at least in Warrior's circles that he was "wowing" everyone early on in practices prior to the Summer League. A word that either gets stamped on really good things or really bad things. In Draymond's case they were all good and they have shown in games. Again, this is an NBA-ready seasoned college player who also isnt going to come in looking for a ton of minutes, so why all the demanding questions? Oh yeah, he has the range for the NBA too guys.

With Nate basically on his way out with only Pastor Jackson grasping hold, one of the biggest question marks of the Warriors off-season was who is backing up Steph? And more importantly who do we have in case....I won't say it, but you guys get it. Then we swindled the hornets into adding Jarrett Jack (coming of the best season of his career) to a 3-way which sent Dorrell Wright to Philly (We still love you Dorrell!) All the while young, potent-scoring PG Charles Jenkins was doing all the right things preparing for SL and the season and as I'm sure many of you witnessed in tonight's game against Miami, the kid can play. He may not nor ever be the prototypical PG as goes with Steph and also jack, but that wont keep him quietly rested on the bench if he keeps just going out and doing his thing. The potential that Jack as a combo-guard added to the mix of Klay/Steph was envious enough, but if Jenkins shows he can play there's just another weapon added to the mix.

Lastly and shortly Jeremy Tyler. The kid has the talent. He wasn't the #1 H.S. prospect a few years ago for no reason. The problem is his past and the route he chose will ALWAYS follow him. he just has to learn to deal with that and continually grow. I don't know if there will be a roster spot left for him after the Warriors complete their search for a PF and hopefully lockup Brandon Rush, but again, he is VERY young. I just unfortunately don't think he'll be around enough to be David lee's ideal backup PF like I imagine.

In summation the 3-0 tag shouldn't be anything to celebrate as it is only SL and we have been graced with the Anthony Randolph's, Marco Bellinelli's, etc., etc., etc. of over-achieving flash in the pan SL performances in the past that its sometimes even hard to enjoy the potential of what we are seeing. So until training camp and the season begin to roll around I will just sit back and enjoy the "potential" of what this team can do in 2012-2013, and boy is it enjoyable!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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