How to use Harrison + Other Draft and FA notes.

So the draft is finally done and while it ended well from a Warriors stand point there is still some issues that need to be addressed when talking about the Warriors in this upcoming season.

1. Is Harrison Barnes a straight away starter for the Warriors?

No, simply put I think it's not needed at this moment in time. The Warriors have a starting SF already in place with Dorrell Wright. If Wright sticks around or not we don't know but for now he should be the starter over Barnes. And Bob Meyers knows this too. You could almost see this as the ''Develop over throwing them in the deep end'' debate. I personally think that with Barnes we should do what we did with Klay last season and have him coming off the bench to start. We won't be losing much seeing as Wright is NBA starter material plus we will give a potential star time to mature and adjust to the NBA pace. Give him time to find his niche and when you feel that you he is good enough to be a full time starter you can slot him straight into that SF spot. Plus Mark Jackson did a pretty good job bringing on Klay last season to a point where he was putting up very nice numbers. One final thing before we move on but if Bogut and Curry cannot stay healthy and the Warriors season goes south in a hurry it might actually benefit Barnes more then anything else. I like to think that the lack of pressure allowed Klay to go out and play his natural game and thrive. Is it so crazy to think that Barnes might be able to do that same? Again that is a situation I really do not want to be right on.

2. What will Draymond Green add to the Warriors?

This one's a tough question because quite frankly i'm not sure of who to compare him to. At first I thought he could be a Dominic McGuire type player who comes off the bench and adds a bit of everything and play's good D. But that was scrapped by the fact Green is not as athletic as McGuire nor is he as tall as him. But quite frankly Green is going to have to massively adjust his game in order to fit in with any NBA team not just the Warriors because he is a ''tweener nightmare''. At 6'7 there are certain 2 guards that are as tall as him. That's a scary thought considering the fact that he played PF for his entire Michigan State career. With his height he's a SF for sure but how the hell is he going to guard some of the athletic freaks that play the SF position in the NBA today? It's true he had rather impressive defensive stats as a Spartan but he just won't be able to do that in the pro's the way he did in college. So what does Green have going for him? Well he's a great ball handler and is very wily in everything he does. What impresses me most about him is his ability to fill up the stat sheet. He is the type of player that I think you just let go and let him do is thing. He's a great ball handler,good rebounder and decent scorer. He could make a case for being a very handy offensive player for the Warriors down the road. As for defense....well that's less of a certainty.

3. Was Ognjen Kuzmic the best pick for the Warriors at that position?

No, not in the slightest considering who was still on the board at that point in time. We knew before the draft that the Warriors wanted to draft and stash a player but when there is still pretty serviceable talent on the board you take it regardless. I distinctly remember ESPN's summary of the player basically coming down to his height,weight,age and country that he comes from. I took a look around and all I seem to be able to gather about him is that he has a Jaws from James Bond look about him and that he's 7ft. Admittedly my research could have been better but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this guy is more of a project then anything else. Now I did go back to the draft results and scoured through the remaining picks and the undrafted players and saw two names which are head and shoulder above Kuzmic in my opinion. The two are Kevin Jones from West Virginia and Drew Gordon from New Mexico. Both are PF's. Both are stat sheet filling freaks who managed double-double seasons. Both went undrafted. Jones is a bit undersized but his post scoring reminds me of Jared Sullinger but without the back problems. While not as effective on defense his offense allowed him to be able to notch up a 19 P.P.G and WVU this season. Gordon on the other hand had less points but more blocks and steals. With a 7ft wingspan along with his agressive nature he is a very good defender along with a high energy motor. I'm not going to act like these two have not got any flaws because they do. Jones plays below the basket and lacks elite athleticism and Gordon has got some anger issues and has got poor ball handling skills to say the least. But are these two better options then Kuzmic? Without a doubt.

4. What should the Warriors focus on in Free Agency?

Well PF first but they must re-sign Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire before that. Rush and McGuire add not only one of the best 3pt shooting % in the league which Rush had but they add a good defender and a high energy all-rounder in McGuire. As for Free Agency targets it's going to come down to someone who can play behind David Lee right now. Warriors have been linked to Jordan Hill who had a solid end of the year with the Lakers. Another option which Golden State are persuing J.J Hickson. Hickson would be an ideal player to have playing behind Lee. Hickson brings scoring,rebounding and solid defense.

5. Any Trade Ideas?

Apart from the obvious Dwight Howard one's? I can think of a few. How about Luis Scola? How about the Warriors trading for him using Bierdrins and a pair of second rounders? We know Scola is on the block due to the Rockets trying to trade him for Gasol back during the Chris Paul trade. He would add some toughness to the Warriors plus they would lose the poison contract which only has a year left on it. What about a Darren Collison to Sacremento for Tyreke Evans? Kings get a premium PG to command that talented front court they have just acquired and Pacers get a talented swingman to add to Paul George and Danny Granger. And finally what about Josh Smith to Houston for Jeremy Lamb,Royce White and Patrick Patterson? Houston get's star to build around while Atlanta continues to blow up and rebuild their roster by adding young talent.*

*Any trade mentioned here is completely and utterly non-sensical and should not be used as any sort of source to be later used in an argument. Enjoy your sandwich.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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