GSoMer-sourced group analysis?

If enough GSOMers were interested, maybe one game could be analyzed per week. Barnes averaged almost exactly 30 minutes per game, so if ten people chose to do it, maybe 3 minutes of game time per person. There should also be (a more general) analysis of what happened with Barnes out of the game (did the flow of the game or tactics change? Did the other team go on a run)? In addition, the last two minutes of the half, are obviously really important, so they should be analyzed separately.

2K12 has an interesting system for keeping track of how well your My Player is doing. Although it has some big flaws (for example, if your PG decides to go for a rebound with a center in the area, you are often docked for 'allowing offensive rebound' even if your center is not in the play and going after it is better than standing there and doing nothing), in general it covers most of the bases of good fundamental basketball.

If each person looked at 3-5 minutes of the game, it would be possible to go deep into what is actually happening, and actually take into account positioning, off-ball movement, etc, with not a lot of time commitment per person. (like 2K does in a limited way). Here are some of the categories that could be included:


Off-Ball: Set Screen, establish post-up, get open for make-able shot (this would depend on the player's range, of course), draw potential help defender away from offensive focus (spacing), etc.

On-ball: shot selection, drive attempt, shot blocked, pass to man in good position, turnover, etc.

Defense would the opposite (ex. fight off screen, get caught in screen, etc.), with additions like double-teaming correctly.

Each of these events could be graded: Bad: lack of effort / undisciplined; low IQ play; bogging down offense (holding the ball to long), etc. , or left as just 'bad play' if nothing really stands out as bad, but the result wasn't good.

Lastly, plays / possessions that seem out of the ordinary or trends (either for the player or the team) should maybe be noted too. For example, if the player scored on the post-up his ;last time down, did he try to post up again? If loose D allowed a player to score did the D tighten on the next sequence?

An example possession might be:

"Davis with the ball near the top of the key. MKG tries to post up Barnes, who denies him. Davis shoots, and Barnes and MKG jostle for the rebound (Barnes has good position). MKG appears to commit an over-the-back foul (he throws his hands up afterward, a sure sign). Barnes drops the rebound out of bounds. UK ball" Good position (# of times overall), Unlucky dropped rebound (# of times overall)


" Off of a steal (credited to Zeller), Strickland thinks twice about taking a shot near the rim and passes it to Barnes, who gets it to Henson for what looks like a good shot, but Jones blocks it. Henson fights for the ball with Davis and manages to get it back. Strickland tries to drive in, but Jones get another block - this time right to Barnes, who hits another 3. Very lucky sequence. Barnes is actually credited with an offensive rebound for standing in the corner." Good pass, Good positioning/spacing, lucky wide open, 3-pointer, lucky offensive rebound


"Barnes on the wing, tries to drive, but MKG stops him. Barnes passes back out." Unsuccessful drive attempt, avoid bad decision [to jack up a contested shot]

Then at the end, just add up the totals of all the different plays, and it would be easy to quickly add up the totals from everyone's posts and create stats like good passes per 40 mins or ratio of avoid bad decision to bad decisions made

Would this work? And would anyone be willing to do this occasionally to produce a deep analysis of Barnes' (and maybe Ezeli's and Green's) key games?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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