Is Harrison Barnes our version of Trent Richardson? and other stuff.

Since we had a few days off, I thought I'd contribute to this beloved community by raising some relatively controversial ideas. I have listed them below. Please read them and share your thoughts!

1. Let's make like the Cleveland Browns and trade Harrison Barnes.

  • I also like Falcon Punches, Falcon Dunks, small ball 4s, etc. And I think he will turn out to be a good, solid player. But besides his athleticism, he hasn't shown that he will turn out that much better than, say, a Marvin Williams. Remember, Marvin Williams was also a young, freakishly athletic phenom coming into the NBA. He just never went on that 4 years development plan that so many us want to believe applies to all NBA players, when that's simply not the case (for example: Biedrins, Diogu, BWright, Anthony Randolph ie all of Mullins' lottery picks).
  • Why do I think Barnes will turn out like Marvelous Marv? Well, for one, their rookie stats are pretty similar, at a similar age, build and college pedigree. Second, what really worries me about Barnes is his low USG/low TS% combination. As a 3rd/4th option, Barnes got to pick and choose relatively easy shots last year, yet his TS was still pretty low. If he had showed me low PPG, low USG and High TS%, I'd feel much more comfortable projecting him as a star. But that's not what happened.
  • If you disagree with me about Barnes turning into a slightly better Marvin Williams, I can understand. Hell, I'd love it if he turned into Pierce or a Luol Deng -- I just don't see it happening. But even if he turns into something great, there is the question of time. The way this team is currently constructed, it has about a 3 year window to compete for a championship before 1.) salary cap hell kicks in or 2.) age robs them of their abilities. Will Harrison Barnes be able to develop within this 3 year window? In my opinion, no. But that's just my opinion.
  • So what if 1.) Barnes doesn't develop into a star, and/or 2.) even if he does, it's not within this team's window of opportunity? If these points are true, wouldn't it make sense to sell high on Barnes and get back players who can contribute now?
  • I would therefore propose any of the following trades: (note: most are probably impossible due to salary cap considerations)
    1. Barnes and something for Jameer Nelson and/or Ryan Anderson
    2. Barnes and something for Gordon Dragic and Channing Frye
    3. Barnes and something for Lowry and Novak.
    4. Barnes and something for Jack and Varejo.
  • Here's my question: If Barnes is such a star to you, do you categorically refuse any/all of the above trades?

2. Andre Iguodala is better than Jack. But is Iguodala better than Jack AND Landry?

  • For so many years we had rosterbated over Iguodala that, when the chance came to finally nab him, we jumped at the opportunity like a nerd to cheerleaders. At the same time, our collective disgust for Jack --unwarranted in my opinion-- had the proverbial door shut so hard on his rear-end that he's still picking out the splinters. But in our haste we failed to realize that the cheerleader and her previously lithe body is now on the brink of cellulite-formation. And the guy we kicked out the door? He [Jack] was actually pretty good:

2012-2013 stats

TS%: .542 vs .520

EFG%: .499 vs .502

TRB%: 5.7 vs 8.5

AST%: 29.9 vs 22.4

STL%: 1.3 vs 2.5

BLK%: 0.4 vs 1.5

TOV%: 14.3 vs 17.1

OWS: 3.9 vs 2.4

DWS: 1.8 vs 3.2

WS: 5.6 vs 5.6

WS/48: .115 vs .097

Player 1 = Jarret Jack, Player 2= Iguodala

  • From a statistical perspective, the two players trade pluses and minuses and end up relatively similar. Of course, advanced stats is not everything, and Jack is plenty old himself. In short, we all know Iguodala is a better player than Jack, though I'd argue the gap is not as wide as some people make it out to be.
  • But is he better than Jack and Landry? I'm going to just go out on a limb and say...

3. It was a minor mistake to move that much salary plus draft picks just to get Iguodala.

  • After all, if we had kept the living corpse that is Biedrins and RJeff, we'd have two HUGE expirings this year at our disposal. Not to mention draft picks!

4. Regular Season Bogut sucks at offense and will continue to suck.

  • I think this one is very simple and easy to understand. Bogut right now is a man playing not to get hurt, and he won't overexert himself on offense and risk an injury.After all, among the criteria for his 15% bonus is playing 65+ games, and two of them are defense-specific. Why try on O?
  • The unfortunate thing is that the nature of inside play demands a lot of extension. So unless he rediscovers his J from his Rick Majerus days, he'll probably continue to play passively on offense. Which means we'll see more ugly bunny hooks bouncing off the rim for the regular season, with Bogut unleashing his true powers in the playoffs.

That's all folks.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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