Filling Holes

So as I'm sure we are all aware, the Warriors have a week bench. I'll attempt to keep it simple but moving Lee, somehow, is the best option.

4-team Trade


Warriors GET: Ridnour (MIL), Henson (MIL), Carter (DAL)

Bucks GET: Lee (GSW), Larkin (DAL), Bazemore (GSW)

Rockets GET: Ilyasova (MIL), Dalembert (DAL)

Mavericks GET: Asik (HOU), Montiejunas

Why each team does it

Warriors: They get rid of Lee's albatross of a contract along with his week defense. They also lose Bazemore but he will be replaced with the veteran leadership of Vince Carter that can play 5-7 min if needed. They receive John Henson who is buried on the Bucks bench but has recently been showing what a beast he can be. Henson may not bring the passing ability of David Lee but he also won't bring the careless turnovers that have been becoming a staple of Lee's game. Henson is 6'11 with a 7'5 wingspan that can immediately step in and produce double-double numbers and a couple of blocks all with out a play called for him. With Draymond hopefully starting to taking the majority of Speight's minutes we could have a real good front court. Another key to the deal would be Luke Ridnour. A proven veteran PG that can come off the bench and actually create, get assits and hit open shots. I'm sure MJ would have no problem trusting Ridnour handling the ball in important situations. Overall the Warriors would lose a solid guy in DLee but would gain a solid backup PG on an expiring deal, a young stud PF on a rookie contract, and a solid veteran to strengthen the bench. With the financial flexibility moving Lee's contract provides this could be an interesting option.

Bucks: Bucks are tanking this year and by moving Ilyasova for Lee is basically a wash as neither are good defenders. Ilyasova shoots better and Lee rebounds better. Bucks make the trade to pair Lee with Larry Sanders for the future because Lee can make Sanders better with his intangibles i.e. passing and communication. Lee would give them a face to market and would have him under control for the next few years, which would be ideal for the Bucks as they seem to find it difficult to get free agents to come there, who would've thought. Shane Larkin is a nice piece that could step right in and fill the role left by Ridnour. Like Lee they would also have Larkin for a few years. Bazemore is a throw in but he is a solid defender, something the Bucks need with the likes of Mayo and Knight in the backcourt.

Rockets: Rockets do the trade because they finally realize they are not going to get a 14' lottery pick for the defensive minded Asik. Ilyasova fits their want for a stretch four and getting Dalembert to fill the back up center spot could seal the deal.

Mavericks: Mavericks regret letting Chandler go but they did recognize their blueprint to a championship. Asik would step in next to Dirk to give them the defensive presence they need at the five and with the latest addition and stellar play of Monta adding Asik could make them a serious contender. Montiejunas is a thrown in but he is similar to dirk and could be a good understudy. And it would also give them another player they could call "Monta".

Yes 4-team trades are hard but this could be a good fit for all parties.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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