The REAL Western Playoff Race to Watch

There has been a lot of talk about the Warriors possibly slipping out of the playoffs. That is simply not going to happen, we have been struggling recently but we still have a big lead over the bottom teams, Bogut has been looking much better lately, Curry is playing tremendously (was #2 in scoring since all-star break - not sure if he still is), Barnes is looking more aggressive, and Lee, who I believe had a few pretty bad games recently (pt avg had slipped from 20 to 18.5), is starting to return to his consistent 20-10/night form.

Even though we are pretty much a lock for the playoffs at this point, that doesn't mean the Western Conference playoff race isn't still very important for the Warriors. Aside from fighting with the Rockets for the 6th spot to avoid playing OKC or San Antonio, which "sicdubs" already posted about, I think the most important race goin on in the West for us is Denver VS LAClips VS Memphis. Although the Rockets are close to us in the standings, they really aren't. We are significantly better than them and I don't think they can pass us at this point.



Why do we care?

Well, obviously and as I'm sure you guys picked up on, if we stay @ #6 in the West, we will end up playing whichever one of these teams that gets the #3 spot. Denver is the right now but, as you can see in the picture above, they're only one game over the Floppers who, in turn, are only one game over the Grizzlies.

Who do we want?

Well, that's an opinion. We have struggled this year against the Grizzlies and the Nuggets and have had much success against the Clips (beating them 3-1 in the season series & looking like the better team all series long). They were, at the time, very high in the West fighting for #2 with the Spurs, however, they've slipped up quite a bit & SA + Denver have taken advantage and jumped them.

From just this, it seems like the obvious choice is the Clippers, however, many would view them as the best team of the three. Also, the fact that Andrew Bogut wasn't around for most of these games make fans wonder how different it would be with the Australian big man.

Personally, I think we would have the most success against the Clippers and I think that would be an EXTREMELY exciting playoff series to watch. That would have to be my choice, however, for the second team I would want to play I really can't decide between the remaining two. What do you guys think? Vote & Comment below.

* Important Side Note - this is exactly why they are, and will always be, the LA Floppers:

That is the WORST flop EVER.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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