Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs Preview: Hangin' tough against the Spurs!


Friday night's game was an emotional roller coaster filled with questionable calls from the refs where the Dubs just couldn't get a break, a missed opportunity to close out the game at Staples Center and a big WTF on those last whistles the refs made on Golden State. At one point I had no reason at pointing any fingers at the Lakers and lashed out my frustrations on the Referee play calls. It is what it is… The Spurs are in town and it's the last regular home game of the season at Oracle. So many questions riding into this game. Tonight's gonna be emotional!

Tip-off: 7:30pm PT
Where: Oracle Arena
TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680
Blog Buddy:

The last 2 games are critical for Golden State. Shoot, that entire western conference playoff standings can is make or break for all teams. What playoff position do we end up in? Who do we play against? Will Bogut be back in time for the first round? Even our fan base is pondering questions like "what if I don't get my playoff tickets?!" This Spurs game followed by the Trailblazers game on Wednesday will set the stage for those questions to be answered. But first, we needs a win tonight vs. the San Antonio Spurs and that's going to be a lot to ask for! Maybe the Lakers did us a favor and "softened" them up after last nights defeat. I don't buy it - they either come into Oracle determined to get a win, or we come from behind and take a W. It's on us, here are some things to think about:

- Dubs need to start off guns blazing and finish the game with a strong lead. SImple to say but a huge challenge to execute... If we could just replicate that winning formula the last time the Spurs were here.

- We're gonna need that another David Lee "Double-Double" night. WIth Bogut out, our bigs are gonna be short handed. We've been there throughout the season and managed.

- Key plays from our Splash Brothers: Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson. It's one of those nights where we can use them both shooting lights out.

- Imagine the contributions our bench can give us to secure a win? Jack & Ezeli off the bench with some key plays.

- I think the entire team knows what they need to do, get it done and give us a W.

- Once again: Play smart. It's as simple as that Warriors! A win is a lot to ask for but we could really use one right now!


Stephen Curry is gonna have a highlight reel night: 30+ point game, a dozen assists and a handful of rebounds.

More double double's from David Lee.

Splash! We're gonna need a high 3-point night from Klay Thompson to compliment Curry's highlight reel night.

Defense from everybody. No Bogut, everybody needs to step it up.

Dubs can win it by 4. How? We'll have to wait and see!

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