As The Ankle Turns: Stephen Curry Game 4 postgame locker room interview video


Stephen Curry answers a bazillion questions about his ankle after Game 4.

I was able to capture the entire 18-minute postgame locker room interviews with Stephen Curry. It's atypical for a player to answer questions for that long...

The locker room activity, which is always somewhat random, unfolded like this: Andrew Bogut started talking to a throng of reporters in his corner and had an icebag on his right thumb while his left foot was in an ice bucket.

Then everyone rushed over to Steph and I stayed for the entire thing (see below). Then you could hear David Lee talking to reporters on the other side of the room. At some point, Warriors PR announces that Jarrett Jack and Harrison Barnes are at the podium. Then after the long Steph interview, I turn around and there's Carl Landry giving an interview in the middle of the locker room. It's rare that Landry does interviews and during regular season games, Bogut hardly ever had such a crowd around him.

When I left the locker room, Bogut was doing an interview with KGO Channel 7.

Here was the stream of the conversations with the Curry interview, in case you don't have time to see the whole thing...

  • Steph describes how his ankle felt. His vertical was affected and how he had to brace himself while landing,
  • Pregame conversation with Mark Jackson, which was "the toughest conversation to have", and "I wanted to play regardless of what I could give him"
  • Confirmed Jackson saying he was "relatively stationary", not being able to "start or stop too quick...A couple times when I drove the paint I didn't have my full thrust, looking back I probably shouldn't have done it."
  • Denied that when Jarrett Jack had the ball at one point late and didn't give it to him, that it was because of injury. Steph said it was just an issue of matchups. He praised Jack.
  • On that note, he displays typical Curry-ism by mentioning that the Warriors wanted to attack Tony Parker with Jack having the ball, but quickly tempering that by saying, "obviously Tony's a competitor...I'm sure they'd do that to me in the same situation."
  • Tim Kawakami asks if Steph was amazed they won the game but Steph answers that it wasn't like they ever felt like they were in control.
  • And then another great Curry-ism where he incredibly knows statistical details like when the game was in the balance by only four points, the Warriors felt like they had taken control, but then lost that control. And then he cites that the Spurs only scored, "like 5 points in the last 9 or 10 minutes". Right after that he recalls the four straight buckets given up at the beginning of the 4th. Even more reason to call this kid Rain Man!
  • Steph answers a question about Harrison Barnes and praises him.
  • He then answers another question about his ankle. "Doubt it'll ever be 100%."
  • Did he ever doubt he would play? "I did actually, yeah. I came in, still treatment...(needed to) find a way to get some kind of confidence level in it."
  • Steph then answers a question about staying with Mark Jackson's process. "Not getting too high and not getting too low when you're down 8." Again, citing specific details!
  • TK asks about going back to San Antonio. "It's almost like we play better here and they play better there."
  • Marc Spears asks about Steph talking to his mom after the Game 3 loss, late at night on the drive home. His mom was at Seth Curry's graduation. "A big day for the Currys."
  • The overtime process. "Protecting the paint" and "Tony and Manu when they come off the pick and roll, stay home on the shooters, and contest...Only scored 3 points off that."
  • Steph said he didn't feel like the Warriors were "in trouble" as opposed to not having "the game in hand".
  • He said he didn't feel like the Warriors stole Game 4 the way the Spurs stole Game 1.
  • Over the next two days, Steph says he hopes to control the swelling. On the plane there's stuff he can do so that "the ankle won't bloat up."
  • Steph reveals he did get an injection, which was anti-inflammatory, that it was isolated to his injury and that it was done this morning.
  • Steph answers more questions about his ankle.
  • Questions about strategy and going more into the paint after missed shots.
  • Steph is asked about a total team effort. "You need every guy on the bench to be locked in." Among others, praises Andris Biedrins.
  • Steph answers questions about Mark Jackson and how he gets every player to "play free".
  • How do you feel? "I feel fine."

Longest locker room interview I've ever seen!

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