2013 off-season moves: the key to success in 2014-15.

As I read endless articles regarding resigning Jack and Landry, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't let them walk. Going into last season, I can only assume that the premise behind adding Jack and Landry was 1) veteran leadership to help grow our young players and 2) score-first players to help our bench squad put up some points. We had money to spend, and we spent it right by signing Landry to a short 2 year deal. I cannot imagine either Jack or Landry being included in the end-all-be-all plans towards becoming a title contender. Over 4 million dollars for a veteran score-first player to come off the bench is simply inefficient. It is especially inefficient if you have young starters who you would like to keep on the floor as much as possible.

By resigning both players, we know exactly what we are getting 1) Jack is a isolation shooter and 2) Landry is an undersized big man. Instead of going this route again, if we allow them to walk we can open up 8 million dollars in cap. The only issue is, what is the point? We still will lack funds to go out an sign any free agents, and we have no draft picks. This is why I propose that the Warriors do what ever it takes to trade David Lee, even if it means only getting a 2nd pick in return (if only we had our amnesty!).

Why trade away David Lee? Simply put, to free cap now! We know that next season is the last season of Andris and Richard eating up 20 million. In addition, we can assume that Bogut will take a pay-cut when he resigns (if he doesn't retire). Instead of resigning Jack and Landry and pushing to make a run next year in the playoffs (I doubt we will get any further than this year), we should shop Lee, let Jack and Landry walk, and then add some cheap bench players from the Free Agency. It is a lot easier to trade a 1.5 million dollar bench 25 year old, than it is to trade a 5 million dollar bench 30 year old. So, let Landry and Jack walk, instead of handcuffing ourselves to them for the foreseeable future. Then trade Lee, and use his 10 million towards signing 4 or 5 players like the ones listed below.

Cheap FAs: Will Bynum, E'Twaun Moore, Brian Roberts, Damien Wilkins, Omri Casspi, Chase Budinger*, Earl Clark*, Andray Blatche, Brandan Wright, Ronny Turiaf, Chris Anderson.

For the most part, the players listed above have not reached their ceiling. I personally would rather see Earl Clark starting than David Lee. Further, I'd rather see Will Bynum, Chase Budinger, and Andray Blatche coming in off the bench, rather than Jack and Landry. This would allow the Warriors to stay out of the luxury, maybe uncover a potential stud 6th man, and have full access to the 20+ million that will be freed up come 2014. That 20+ million could go towards a true PF, one that plays both sides of the ball and is not outsized.

The squad in 2014 if I had my way! Later Landry, Rush, Jack, Lee, Andris, Jefferson.

PG: Curry, Bynum, Bazemore

SG: Thompson, Budinger, fill-in

SF: Barnes, Casspi, Green

PF: *2014 signee with some of our 20 mill, Earl Clark, Brandan Wright

C: Bogut, Blatche, Ezeli

I understand that this far fetched, but if we get rid of Lee's contract I think it is possible to get Bynum, Clark, and maybe Casspi or Budinger. I really like Budinger for cheap coming off an injury. Clark might be costly and same with Bynum, but that depends on the market. As for Casspi, I doubt the Cavs will match an offer since they allowed him to do whatever he wanted this season.

I am a believer that we can make the playoffs next year without Jack, Landry, and Lee. The emphasis is on our big 3 Curry, Thompson, and Barnes, and then our gatekeeper in Bogut. Get rid of our defensive liabilities, and how about we not resign players to contracts we will regret in 2014. One more year of struggling to get deep in the playoffs is worth getting a legitimate shot at a title contending squad. Again, Landry, Jack and Lee are not going to take us there.

Any other suggestions for cheap FA's? Any reason we should keep Jack for over 4 mil, resign Landry for over 5 mil, or continue to pay Lee over 10 mil? I'll check the comments, rebuttals are welcome.

One more note, I am a big fan of Lee, Jack, and Landry. I am also a fan of Biedrens. However, the money these guys are being paid or asking for is detrimental to the Warriors success. I don't want to see them leave, but I don't want to pay them what they ask for. And Richard Jefferson, I would milk you for every ounce of basketball you have left next season, as punishment for making us pay you so much money (take a pay cut to win a ship?). 14k per minute of playing time is so ridiculous.

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