2013 NBA Draft Grades: Golden State Warriors receive mixed reviews for Nemanja Nedovic pick

The Warriors front office was aggressive during the 2013 NBA Draft, but not everyone was impressed. - USA TODAY Sports

Not everyone was impressed with the Warriors' draft day maneuverings when handing out NBA Draft grades.

Although the vast majority of us at GSoM either liked the Golden State Warriors' move(s) to get Nemanja Nedovic or are willing to wait patiently to see how things unfold, not every analyst has been so kind when handing out draft grades.

Grade Commentary
SB Nation Upside: B-
Fit: B
Impact: C-
"...a talented but inconsistent 22-year-old guard..."
Chad Ford (Insider) B- "The player they ended up with is interesting. Nedovic is an athletic combo guard that some scouts think will be an absolute stud in the NBA.

The Warriors needed a fourth guard behind Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Jarrett Jack (if he returns). Nedovic is probably not a draft-andstash player. They'll bring him into Summer League and give him a shot to win a spot on the team."
Adi Joseph, USA Today C- "Nedovic isn't much and probably was a reach at No. 30."
Matt Moore, CBS Sports D "I think he's more of a project. I'm not sold on him as a big contributor."
Kurt Helin, ProBasketballTalk "Loser" "...picked Nemanja Nedovic, who they will stash in Europe for a couple of years."
Daniel Leroux, Real GM
"Good" "Getting into the first round? Excellent moving down and ending up with Nemanja Nedovic? Less great since Rudy Gobert (one of my absolute favorites) was on the board at 26 and gone by 30."

Ignoring the fact that not everyone got the fact of what happened straight - or even realized that the Warriors ended up with the pick - the only thing that I think you can take away from this is that nobody is really sure what to expect from Nedovic.

But Wendell Maxey of SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside has actually followed Nedovic a bit more closely and shared some thoughts on the Serbian guard as well.
At 6-foot-4 and 195 pounds, Nemanja Nedovic is an extremely athletic and defensive-sound guard from Serbia who spent this past season playing in Lithuania for Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius. While his 9.8 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game in 10 games won't scream NBA stud to those unfamiliar with his international game, the 22-year old's pro experience and overall development thanks to also spending four years with Red Star Belgrade makes him worthy of first round selection status. An All-Star in Lithuania, Nedovic recently made noise at the adidas Eurocamp and Warriors fans should rest easy in the fact they are getting one of the best young point guards Europe has to offer.

I'm resting easy and not solely because Maxey of what anyone has said about this pick yet: maybe it's too early or you'll think it naive, but a) the Warriors front office has earned our trust so far with the moves they've made to make the Warriors a playoff team and b) good teams scout widely, identify undervalued talents, and obtain them at minimum risk, which the Warriors did here.

Without seeing Nedovic up against talent I'm more familiar with - I'm hoping he shows up in Vegas - I can't give the actual selection anything more than an incomplete. But the consensus does seem to be that it will take some seasoning for him to become a contributor and based on the way the Warriors coaching staff maximized their talent last year it's hard not to be optimistic about him contributing.

This was just a sampling of the range of draft grades I found - feel free to drop any other links you've seen in the comments and I'll add them to the table.

For more on draft grades, visit SB Nation's artful draft grades page. For more on Nedovic and the Warriors' draft moves, check out our NBA Draft storystream.

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