Why the warriors are better than we think and why they are closest to beating the Heat!

The Golden State Warriors! The first image that would come to the mind of an NBA fan would be of the splash brothers shooting 3s , then David lee grabbing a rebound and putting it back in . Regardless of what comes to mind , we all agree that they are strong , not solid but strong .

What makes the warriors so good?

Their perfect fusion of offense and defense .

They have top 5 scorers at guard and wing positions , with two other players with the potential of being top 10 scorers at their positions. (Just so we're clear , I'm talking about Curry , lee , thompson and Barnes)

Lets talk defense . They have great individual defenders in Bogut , rush , barnes and thompson . With Mark Jackson's emphasis on defense , he has turned this club around .

With playoff's experience and their young core , they will be even better . With their versatility on offense and their improving team defense , they can take on any team and push them to their limits .

They are closest to beating the heat and they will take them to 7 games if they play them in the finals . Not because they took spurs to 6 games but because they are modelled to beat the heat - even if they don't know it yet .

What do you need in a basketball club to beat the heat?

Great , versatile and shooting offense . Inside presence and inside defense . And a defender capable of slowing down lebron .

1. Offense : Biggest example would be of spurs , ofcourse . They used long range bombs , attackers and post presence to compete with Miami! Warriors have all three . Where the warriors surpass the spurs offense is the fact that their primary ball handler is also their best scorer with the ability to drive inside and make shots for himself and others . Parker could do all that but is nowhere as good a shooter as Curry . Spurs had danny green , gary neal and others fill up the long range . Warriors have a great offense with shooters and versatile scorers . Due to the splash brother's ability to shoot the long ball , they don't need another shooter on the floor to fill up that void .

2. Inside presence and inside defense : The word INSIDE is the key here . Everyone knows rebounding is Heat's biggest weakness , they repaired that with the Birdman . But the fact remains , you take rebounds away from Heat , you WILL beat them . The Bulls , Pacers and Spurs showed this . Inside defense is necessary for lebron and slashers . Pacers-Heat series should be enough proof . Warriors have great inside presence with lee and Bogut and a great defender for inside in Bogut .

3. A defender capable of slowing down Lebron! : We need a special defender to slow down lebron . After all , lebron is a special player . The pacers used George , the spurs used Green and Leonard . Who can the Warriors use? A combination of Rush , Thompson and Barnes looking at the present roster . But they need a guy specifically for slowing down lebron and versatile enough to contribute in other areas . Andre Iguodala is that guy and with Brandon rush backing him up , fatigue won't be a problem .

So , all the warriors need to do is get Iguodala in the offseason and they will be set .

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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