Open thread: Andre Iguodala Press Conference at noon. We signed him, now we get to hear from him.

We didn't win the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, but we did win a nice consolation prize in the form of Andre Iguodala. Good defender, nice scorer, good attitude - he'll fit right in. Yup, nice consolation prize... or maybe... that was Bob Myers' plan all along! Draw everyone's attention to Howard while they sneak in and steal Iguodala from everybody else. Clever (if true)!

The signing of Andre Iguodala was made official today in a 3 team trade. Here's what happened today:

  • The Nuggets signed and traded Iguodala to us.
  • We sent the 2018 2nd round pick to the Nuggets.
  • The Jazz sent Kevin Murphy to us.
  • We sent Tank Commander Andris Biedrins, Tank Lieutenant Richard Jefferson, and we-wish-you-weren't-injured Brandon Rush to the Jazz. We also sent 4 picks - 2014 1st round, 2016 2nd round, 2017 1st round, 2017 2nd round - and some $$$.
  • The Jazz signed and traded Randy Foye to the Nuggets.
  • The Nuggets sent their 2018 2nd round pick to the Jazz.
  • I suffered some dizzy spells trying to keep this all straight.

What it boils down to is that we dumped our dead weight (yay!), gave away a bunch of picks (gamble!), and got back a really nice player (yay!). Here's the full press release: Warriors Acquire Andre Iguodala from Denver Nuggets as Part of Three-Team Trade

You're ours now, so talk to us!

Now that we have Iguodala, he has two things he needs to do. The first thing is to talk to us. There will be a live press conference later today (Thur, July 11) at noon. Links will be available at some time before noon. We'll post them up when we find them. Also, I assume CSN and the Warriors will post the press conference online later in the day. I'll post those as well.


Press Conference Videos


Wait a sec

I said there were TWO things Iguodala needs to do now that he's with us. So what's the second thing? Look here at his career stats:

Andre Iguodala Career Stats at Yahoo

Now look at his free throw percentage over the last few seasons. Not good.

So the second thing he needs to do is practice, practice, practice those free throws! He doesn't want Rick Barry appearing on the radio talking about teaching the underhanded free throw to him.

Other links of the day.

- Tim Kawakami did a phone interview with Joe Lacob about the recent moves.
Tim Kawakami: The Warriors’ Joe Lacob on adding Iguodala, chasing Howard, and where the GSWs now fit in the NBA landscape

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